Grandma Ucan by foreign media why Jihuo death – new

Grandma Ucan "by foreign media why Jihuo death? Beijing – 13 in the morning, Guangdong Lufeng police according to law, 13 suspects were arrested in Wukan alleged mob to disturb public order and traffic order and other crimes. Former peace began to Wukan villagers recovery, work and life to normal order. But "shuyujingerfengbuzhi, seeing the Wukan in rapid return to order, some foreign forces seem to look down," even zouhuorumo Jihuo ". On the morning of 13, a sensational "2 gun death" in more than and 80 year old grandma in the body of information in some foreign websites to stir, and the few old grandmother had no relatives of Wukan caring people, even for grandma pimadaixiao, in mourning. But what is the truth? Ucan, the local Lufeng online site 13 PM sent a message, said the reporter interviewed the Lufeng People’s Hospital and the hospital is the treatment of the old grandmother of Ucan. "I’m not dead," said Qian Xiuxiang, who had just undergone surgery!" The message said, according to the vice president of Lufeng People’s Hospital surgeon Liang Yinpeng and director Zhang Ping introduced, with Qian Xiuxiang, female, 83 years old, because the lateral, left arm elbow trauma left lateral pain, on the morning of 13 8 emergency department visits service. After X light, at 10:30 in the morning to organize experts to perform surgical treatment, the relevant foreign bodies were successfully removed. At 3:30 pm, Armed Police Hospital experts to consult, that the patient’s heart and lung function. Current condition is stable, need to continue to observe treatment. The message also said, according to the preliminary investigation, resulting in Qian Xiuxiang’s injury patients with suspected foreign body fishermen Tubao shrapnel. Lufeng online this small draft, words not long, but decided that the three facts: 1 old woman alive, "I’m not dead!" 2 the old woman was injured and underwent surgery. 3 lead mic grandmother injured suspected foreign body fragments of fishermen fishing. Put a whole into the living dead, "said with certainty and the body of 2 gun, so it too bizarre montage! No wonder the old granny’s relatives to consider for some foreign media and "love people" reputation infringement. Lufeng online clarification, so that some foreign media has lost a face. Some in order to protect the face, NiuNiuNieNie admitted that Zhuang Liehong’s source quoted. And this is Zhuang Liehong 5 years ago in Wukan incident summon wind and call for rain, and then transformed into a so-called "dissidents", hiding in China economic crimes suspects the United States "refuge" now. In fact, this person is so unwilling to remain out of the limelight, in an ordinary China village a period was artificially complicated a spoiler. As long as there is a Wukan he will constantly give personal advice on some wind sways grass, west end, stirring things up role. Since Lin Zulian involved in corruption investigation, the village of the storm has lasted more than and 80 days. Villagers for the land of all kinds of problems such as Shanwei and Lufeng, the two government did not shy away, no excuse. According to the person in charge of the local government, able to solve and cash has been fully implemented. Can not solve the pieces of gold相关的主题文章: