Guangzhou Chi all Thai grab limit to enjoy interest free and multiple surprises-havd707

Guangzhou Chi all Thai grab limit to enjoy interest free and multiple surprises limited to huge benefits, not to be missed! Now buy auto enjoy multiple surprises, the details are as follows: 1, the mortgage Car Buying users: as of November 30th, where the purchase of T600, Zotye Zotye Zotye Z700 T600 sport and the mortgage can only depending on a user ID for the "year zero interest" preferential policies, can enjoy the same low down payment of 20% and 2 hour fast approval privilege, convenient loans and car business. 2, the whole Car Buying users: as of November 30th, all users who purchase T600, Zotye Zotye T600 sport and Z500, Zotye Z300 and Z700, instantly enjoy 5000 yuan exclusive packs for a limited number of copies, to buy the first. Remarks: the above policy should not be repeated.   as a strategic model of Zotye auto, Zotye T600 listed since 2013, with the outstanding performance of the price advantage, wide suitable space and reasonable price positioning, ranked China sales charts in medium SUV first position, with absolute advantage of panoramic sunroof, led by domestic Grade 100 thousand only standard. As with the sales of the Thai T600 Sport models early in the design, the dynamic fusion of fashion and technology of multiple elements, the liquid crystal panel, lifting shift knob, Tye-net remote control and other high-tech cutting-edge mobile phone configuration, and good reputation of the user and not popular market attention, is the overall leader at the same level, create monthly sales of over 10000 are legendary in the industry in the rich T600 system at the same time. Based on the SUV market, the first Thai C luxury sedan – Universal Z700, once again the product advantage distillation, with the strength and quality among the first Chinese car C sales. Through the door, pull the leapfrog million electric folding control large touch screen, panoramic sunroof, rear independent air conditioning and other cutting-edge equipment, to establish a new benchmark value Chinese independent brand.   in addition, as the Zotye auto classic sedan models, Zotye Z300 has exceeded 300 thousand sales mark, the 2700mm long wheelbase and the only electric seat set, combined with domestic and practical product positioning, won the praise of consumers. In a higher level of medium-sized car — Zotye Z500, is a business atmosphere cleverly integrated into the exterior and interior design, fashion are calm, the atmosphere revealed luxury, wide application of the skylight and the entire department is equipped with turbo not only more sincerity, further heighten the multiple needs for family, business and power. With auto hot selling, thanks for the love and support of the majority of owners in the long term, until November 30th, where the Thai people into the store to buy T600, T600 and Z700 of the Thai version of the sport mortgage users, can enjoy a year zero interest "preferential policies; the full amount of users and the purchase of Zotye T600, T600 the version, Zotye Z300, Z500 and Z700, will receive 5000 yuan exclusive spree. In addition, by the end of December, the purchase of Zotye T600, T600)相关的主题文章: