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Han Chunyu: has repeated recent experimental results will be announced in his laboratory in Han spring pictures of Han Chunyu in his laboratory profile picture Chengdu daily chief reporter Wang Yi Hebei Shijiazhuang reports published as Nobel Han Chunyu, associate professor at the Hebei University Of Science and Technology. In May this year, the non prestigious school associate professor in top international journals "natural · biological technology" magazine published an article called the research results as the Nobel Prize: the invention of a new gene editing technology — NgAgo, launched a challenge to the existing CRISPR-Cas most fashionable. The results of this ever create a great sensation Han Chunyu is known as the "three noes," scientists (refer to the no doctorate, no background, no foreign academician title), become red, causes the national media to report. But then, there are a number of researchers pointed out that Han Chunyu’s experimental results can not be repeated, accused of alleged fraud in the scientific research, public opinion quagmire into the quagmire of Han Chunyu. Who succeeded? According to the "science and Technology Daily" reported that Han Chunyu had told the newspaper that if there is no real name to do the experiment, he is also willing to publish another 3 people have made the list of experiments. Subsequently, there are 13 researchers said that the public did not make an experiment, but refused to publish a list of people who have made the experiment. Han Chunyu said that he did not have such a statement, whether to publish another 3 list, is to look at each other’s wishes, while others do not want to be involved in this event. Later, in the name of the official announcement of the Hebei University Of Science and Technology, said there are independent of the school outside the organization successfully repeated the Han Chunyu experiment. The latest progress: "natural · Biotechnology": Han Chunyu is still investigating the controversial issue of the paper continues, many scholars questioned. In this regard, published in the British Journal of natural ·, biotechnology in the latest response to Xinhua News Agency reporters said, is still continuing to investigate the incident, there is no further decision". The spokesman explained that the journal’s ability to investigate itself was "limited" because we were unable to access laboratory materials". If necessary, any paper carried out extensive investigation, and it is beyond the scope of the journal, "we will inform the agency, and asked them to conduct a thorough investigation", "this kind of investigation often takes a long time". The papers published before the relevant audit issues, the spokesman said, the authenticity of the responsibility of the author describes the research results of the thesis, participate in peer review experts though to assess the effectiveness of the research methods and conclusions based on the description of the information provided, but they cannot assess the presence of fraud, "if some people try to deliberately bypass this system, they are likely to succeed". The Edinburgh MRC Center for molecular medicine, biological regeneration scholars Champlain · Dvali has launched an online survey. As of 29, 215 researchers have responded to the questionnaire, of which more than 60% people on the current NgAg Qian相关的主题文章: