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Han Han’s dog "to help" ride the wind and waves small motor back to the screen – Entertainment Sohu & motor; the period of the new Han Han film Sohu entertainment news today "" re released the two ride the wind and waves a movie actor, more new climbing beyond all expectations — because the two actors, not "human", but Han Han’s dog in Madagascar and during the period. Small motor "popular charity" never ever meet again in Madagascar for his role in the works of Han Han "" never ever meet again and became popular, pengci dog motor it character appeared in the film the way with Ma Haohan (William Feng) and rivers (Berlin Chan) journey, contracted the whole movie most adorable. From his trailer, to the thousands of people during the roadshow, the motor with the rapid accumulation of "" never ever meet again high popularity, has become the pet industry "a generation of stars". In the next two years, but did not say goodbye to the motor movie stage disappeared in the public view, in addition to the micro-blog @ Madagascar Han plug with his about 3000000 fans to share my life outside, the motor is keen # motor together in public welfare undertakings — by the motor and his colleagues launched together, # and love in a series of public activities successively for children in poor mountainous areas, stray cats homes, city cleaners, nursing homes need to care for the grandparents and other groups to send warmth. In addition, the recent micro-blog Motor Co sponsored the # adorable pet # challenge public welfare activities, but also through "raise pets to join more than 1 billion topics, topic, stray animal rescue organizations will receive 1 million yuan worth of material donations", calling for more people to participate in the attention and help the team to stray animal. Today, # adorable pet # challenge topic of the amount of nearly 200 million, and with more and more friends to participate in the topic attention Shirupozhu growth. "Rival" pedestria play compete in "the message" motor ride the wind and waves it is not the first genius revealed that as early as a few days ago, micro-blog motor has been in the personal Po was dressed in a white T-shirt image, but this leads to netizens questioned: "Ma was how he issued his own photos ah, is in the character in the movie is not taken seriously, or simply not cast a pengci?" So, all the fans have went to the Han Han micro-blog motor petition below. Fortunately, today’s "official propaganda", finally the motor motor name, star, is also welcomed". Unfortunately, today, according to sun is not one of the motor and the motor home court, photographed together another adorable dog, is precisely the motor for "rival" period. The golden period and the motor with the Han Han dog, more rumors claimed: "after" when Han Han had preferred period in the role of the motor, but the period of golden hair color and it is too similar, it had to give up." The stage name "period" and "the relationship between" never ever meet again also seem to confirm this one view. Two dogs had as early as micro-blog had several round of the contest, this time in the movie again quitting, and don’t know how the result — who is a more popular and more prosperous, and acting better? I’m afraid the answer can only be released after the release of the film.相关的主题文章: