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Hangzhou tonight to cool down, come here to eat hot! Sohu today is miserable and winter cold air to cool, rainy, windy night a few are not only how warm enough to eat dumplings?! I want to see the warm Hangzhou chowhound! Fu Ye "winter is so cold, a robatayaki!" Robatayaki words, sounds with warmth. Radisson The Square Hotel next to the Hangzhou straight jietan Temple Lane, opened a Japanese robatayaki, named "Fu ye". Robatayaki this is a Japanese barbecue, robatayaki experience with Teppanyaki is similar, guests can sit by the side to eat while watching the chef making. Authentic robatayaki restaurant, corn, green peppers, potatoes and other vegetables or fresh fish laid in the barbecue table, what customers, reaching a mean, the master immediately in front of you cooking, then paddle delivered to the front of you. With shouts, cooked just right. In the Fu ye robatayaki, this scene seems to repeat itself, just from Taiwan master craftsman with a paddle to freshly burned matter to you, with a pot of wine, it is best to comfort the winter night. The door on the Japanese wine wine, as if a second take you through to the late night dining room. In front of the Japanese entrance, the crane ship graffiti, pulp does not see more, attracted a group of Hangzhou high Yan value of the natural instincts of man, is said to have been here met several wave Zhejiang TV host. Address: 37 zhijietan Temple alley Tel: I am Lu Renjia that girl went home from work when Jianguo North Road, that opened a new store, listen to the name is very interesting, "I am Lu Renjia", this is the first guess what to sell, will tell you the answer. The store is small, but full of sense of design, hard steel cold and warm light, white walls and black top, small fresh and industrial wind, wooden wine and old wood charcoal…… Through the glass to see the impulse to want to come in. All kinds of food stores had seen many, specially made sixty was heard for the first time. Beer, Provence, spicy 60 60 60…… I made a variety of choice phobia, the focus is not expensive, the price of over twenty has a plate full of 60. However, the boss told me the shop signs, in fact, is a bowl of noodles (here is the bowl looks cool. Noodles too), this bowl backing is not small. There was a mountain, called Steamed Buns Hill (now called Lantau Peak); school Steamed Buns hill, called 54 middle school; a noodle shop called the school door, No. 127 shop; it is said that if he had not eaten noodle shop Chen cooked noodles, there is no study on the 54. In the summer of 2015, Chen’s so close, because advanced in age, noodle shop. The Renjia designer Leslie is eating noodles all the way through high school, and coach teams 3 Steamed Buns mountain, finally got the father Chen family secret. In the autumn of 2016, the bowl of noodles to disappear after the arena for more than a year, again appeared on the "I am Lu Renjia restaurant. )相关的主题文章: