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The two Harbin city water supply facilities renovation project started in two batches for residential water supply facilities and other causes of "the leaking water" and "water point" and other issues have to affect the lives of many people. In November 10th, renovation of two water supply facilities in Harbin City, the first batch of project will be completed, then, in the road, road, Nangang 7 area 30 thousand households will bid farewell to the above problems and drink safe water". At the same time, two batches of renovation project also started immediately, involves, road, Nangang, Xiangfang cottage, 12 area of 22 thousand and 400 residents, is expected to be completed by the end. It is understood that in June 2016 the Harbin city renovation project started two water supply facilities will use about four years time for the transformation of two water supply facilities of the old district of the City Jiangnan Road, Nangang, Xiangfang, and other districts outside the cottage, and solve the problems involving leaking and water pressure water supply facilities within the district hundreds of thousands of people. "Mopanshan is high quality, high standard of Mopanshan water sources…… Over the years, Harbin great efforts, spending huge sums to do "water article" to allow the public to drink the "safe water". However, because the property management is not in place and other reasons, some areas of water supply facilities often appear Paomaodilou problem, let the people suffered a "difficult to draft"." Harbin Water Department official said, in order to open up the people drink safe water blocking in the last mile, in June this year, Harbin two water supply facilities renovation project started. It is understood that the first batch of 7 kilometer reconstruction project involves in Nangang, Daowai, involving nearly 30 thousand residents. Accessible street and generous Lane area renovation project was completed in October 29th and in November 2nd, has begun to supply water. Ande street, and the street, road, Qing Yuan Shi Jie, Delhi area will be completed in 10 days ago. After the pumping station, water supply pipeline, water meter and a series of two water supply facilities renovation and renewal, completely solve the residents worried about water pollution and the leaking problem. After the completion of the project, the jurisdiction of the water supply department to receive two water supply facilities management, residents do not have to worry about abandoned property management, water supply facilities, such as the maintenance of unattended. The 12 area of second batches of the project involves Nangang, Daoli, road, cottage, Xiangfang 5 city, plans to more than 40 seats scattered small pumping station for the 12 regional integration transformation of centralized water supply pumping station, two water supply facilities of 22 thousand and 400 households in the transformation at the same time. It is understood that the renovation project of two water supply facilities by the project legal person responsibility system, by the Harbin water supply group as the subject and project legal person organization and implementation, performance quality, progress, investment and safety control duty. The centralized pumping station area, the transformation conditions permit uniform use of existing pumping stations, abandoned boiler room construction standard pumping station, merging area scattered small pumping station; for a centralized pumping station area, combined with the old pumping station upgrade, in the existing scale conditions allowed, small pumping station by laying the pipeline and scattered around. The reconstruction project will gradually build road, Nangang, Xiangfang, Daowai, cottage 5 area two water supply intelligent information platform, on-line monitoring of two water supply.相关的主题文章: