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The haze days I what to take to save the skin lead: This is desperately I turned to see the scenery outside the window, but you are shrouded in haze heart collapse to the pole. Even if you do n heavy protection, go out to come back, his face will be covered with a thick layer of suspended particles. Long term these suspended particles will plug the pores, affecting the normal metabolism of the skin. Haze days I should take what to save the skin, together to talk about the haze days to use skin care products. (source: ETUDE fashion network) beauty tips: a haze of isolation and protection in order to allow the skin to avoid injury, whether it is haze or ultraviolet light, when going out to apply a layer of skin cream is necessary, so as to set up a barrier for the skin, blocking the air pollutants, in the selection of products. You must choose fresh non greasy skin, reduce adhesion to PM2.5 particles. Haze beauty skin care tips two: deep cleaning in haze weather, go home, cleaning should be exposed outside the skin immediately, not just the face, because these tiny air pollutants is attached to the skin surface, although not penetrate to the skin deep, but also long stay in the skin. Will affect the health, so after cleansing products can wash away the most particles attached to the surface of the skin, effectively avoid the harmful substances in the haze to linger on the skin. Haze beauty skin care tips three: timely moisturizing haze often accompanied by dry climate and dust phenomenon, if the skin long time exposed in such an environment, it will be very easy to dry, so the time to add moisture to the skin is a very important thing, in addition to the daily moisturizing steps, in the interior of the time, should from time to time by spray to add moisture to the skin, while moisturizing cream and mask is also essential. Eat common food food Qingfei Qingfei yam, lotus root, pear, lily, tremella, white radish, etc.. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables nutritional value high attention to the selection of green vegetables, such as leafy green vegetables, rich in beta carotene, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, beta carotene can synthesize vitamin A, can increase the body’s immunity, reduce the risk of respiratory tract infection. [Shiseido] Shiseido products recommended red Yan muscular cream price: 590 yuan 30ml recommended reason: severe haze environment in modern city, PM2.5, dust particles in the air, easily attached to the skin, causing skin irritation to sensitive, clogging pores. Therefore, the city people in particular need to enhance the skin’s own immune system to fight against environmental damage. Shiseido as the world’s first proposed the "skin immunity" brand, red Yan muscle essence is live the world’s first hit "enhance skin immunity" healing essence. Caudalie grape cleansing mousse price: 180 yuan 150ml recommend reason: gently press the pump head, you can squeeze out a group of compact small bubble, convenient and quick. The skin was stimulated by the haze, then the facial cleanser must be mild.相关的主题文章: