Hebe Tian to live to bear the pressure! tokyo hot n0476

Hebe Tian: to live to bear the pressure! Stage Sina Zhejiang TV entertainment news [micro-blog] "dream of sound" aired on Friday second, mentor Hebe Tian stunning open throat, a "black tangerine" whether music or other, let the audience shouted "subversion", like a cocoon of a butterfly, showing gorgeous butterfly on the stage. The program group today released footage recorded the whole process of Hebe Tian "black tangerine" adapted from birth, so that fans and viewers more intuitive understanding of the "subversion", let the fans and users moved: "Hebe is really is not easy, the program group greatly ‘seeking to let go."!" For David Tao [micro-blog] it’s unique style of "black tangerine", Hebe Tian has been very love, but this is a very difficult song, let her a big headache, continue discussions with the teachers for their own interpretation of the way. To the rehearsal stage, it is more difficult to feel the microphone has become unusually heavy. In rehearsal, Hebe Tian appeared with the song "key" on the bar: "I may have a try (key)", "I just returned to that of two minds, I key"…… While repeated attempts, while Hebe Tian gave herself a "friend" booms, placing his hands to do. A brief rehearsal time soon arrived, although the director group dumbfounding shouted "Haohen ‘, but micro-blog Hebe[] there is a more important task, do a set for the whole song style. From the arranger to rehearsal, and then to the clothing, hairstyles, makeup…… The attitude of excellence, non-stop for three hours and the shouting to count every minute and second, now have to withstand the pressure of Hebe Tian, finally let everyone surprised. "Dream of the voice of" Friday night 21:10 Zhejiang TV, Mr. Tian and ready to bring you what kind of different surprises? Expect together! (commissioning editor: Allen)相关的主题文章: