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Hebei wells: the official rescue the boy fall in or as a criminal case – Sohu news Beijing News News (reporter Zhao Lei) 6 year old boy accidentally fall into the well to rescue the fifth day of the relevant departments and social forces rescue has over 100 hours. According to CCTV reported that the evening of 18 am, the scene cracks again, in order to eliminate the danger. Lixian County official response, if the final confirmation can not find the child, will be classified as criminal cases. 18 PM, CCTV reporter saw at the scene, because the soil is more and more soft, downhole operation danger, cracks on the soil pile, the crack is 20 meters long, 8 meters high, if tilted down, will endanger the rescue personnel and the personnel safety at the moment, there are still six meters distance underground, the scene in the exclusion of crack danger. At the same time, underground oxygen delivery work without interruption. Rescuers tried three or four times to see the bottom of the HD camera, but still did not find the boy. According to CCTV reporter, the scene rescue headquarters personnel, including fire, armed police, local government personnel and blue sky rescue team, rescue team members have been patrolling the potential risk factors. The Baoding rescue team captain Wang Xiaodong explained, the rescue work is difficult to meet the maximum rainfall, landslide risk. Team members also visited the scene to investigate the danger. At present, found more fine pipe under the diameter, still have to dig down. The boy in the end there is no problem in the well ", Lixian County official response, according to the plan or to continue to explore, as long as there is hope to continue the rescue, if the final confirmation of the child in the wells, turning into a criminal case, the police will also be involved in.相关的主题文章: