Hefei primary and secondary schools pilot implementation of the lunch project and rest assured class-mentalist

The implementation of the "program" and "safe class project" — Education — people.com.cn original title: pilot Pilot School of Hefei primary and secondary schools in Hefei to implement the "program" and "safe class project" reporter learned recently, Luyang District of Hefei City, Anhui Province officially launched the "school lunch program" and "safe class project", this innovation in Anhui province is the first time. Person in charge of the District Board of education, the fall of 2016, Luyang District, the existing 38 public schools to provide lunch services, in Anhui Province, the first to achieve full coverage of primary and secondary school lunch services. "School lunch service project of our school canteen, mainly take the independent management, the school canteen service outsourcing, catering company organization distribution of 3 kinds of operation and management mode to promote." The responsible person told reporters that the mature experience and the school canteen, the organization experienced staff set up a school canteen management team, independent management, self management; do not have independent management conditions of the school canteen, the service outsourcing enterprise contract management; no school canteen, the catering company provide students with lunch service. "At the class" project aims to make full use of school quality education resources, effectively solve the common problems of the school after school, parents of students before work unattended "3:30" problem and school lunch students nursing air current problems. It is understood that the students can choose 3 kinds of forms in the "rest assured class": one is the independent student autonomous learning activities, the school organization arrange the students in the classroom, classroom etc. relatively centralized place for nursing students to choose learning; second is the school-based curriculum activities, including the children’s palace, student club activities, art activities activities; three students to carry out independent entertainment activities, school libraries, stadiums, art venues all open to students. (reporter Wang Lei) (): Horace Yingchun, commissioning editor Xiong Xu)相关的主题文章: