Henan police for the completion of the task to grab a ticket to be involved in a police officer was -ghost observer

Henan traffic police grab a ticket for the completion of the task of police were involved to stop the implementation of the new network in the post – Central Broadcasting Network Nanyang on November 15th news China according to the voice of "peak Evening News" reported that 11 users exposed a short video display, two police officers suspected to check the car ticketed event cited speech dispute. Video dialogue in the emergence of a brother, the last officer said: "you open your ticket, I open my, who can stop the illegal vehicles whose skill, who do not affect all who finish the task." Also said that because of being led "old horse" by force, if not open a ticket to go back will be scolded. The Henan Nanyang traffic police grab a ticket was widely concerned about the incident, the local police informed that someone’s two police officers have been suspended from their duties, and ordered to make a profound examination. The subordinate who is forced to open "ticket horse? The official reply is: Video police mouth "horse" is the sixth duty motorized Brigade squadron responsible person. Nanyang traffic police department has never been to law enforcement officers had assessed fines. "This is a kind of performance evaluation, competitive, with the score calculation. For example, how many points to punish a drunk driving, the number of points in the squadron." Am I reading less? Are there any differences between the "fine tasks" and "performance appraisal tasks" in the actual implementation? On issues related to the incident and the supervision department of the leadership responsibility, please don’t hesitate to check.相关的主题文章: