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Henan winds down the lowest -6 C these places have a wide range of snow Washington next Tuesday is the twenty-four solar term of snow, with the arrival of the solar term, our province really is going to snow. According to the provincial meteorological observatory forecast, from November 21st to 27, affected by precipitation and strong cold air, the week temperature decreased significantly this week. Next Tuesday to next Wednesday, our province will usher in the snow, there will be snow in some areas. Provincial meteorological observatory forecast, today, the province’s southern cloudy turn cloudy, morning fog in most parts of the province. During the day tomorrow, the province cloudy, most areas turn drizzle. Tomorrow night on the 21 day, the province cloudy, with light rain in most areas, including the southern parts of moderate rain. 21, ~23, the province will continue to appear in the rainy weather, the province is expected to be more than the same period of the week precipitation. Next week by the precipitation and the strong cold air, the temperature is within the week this week decreased significantly in the late week, most parts of the province the minimum temperature is -3 DEG ~-5 DEG, is the Zhou Pingjun temperature is lower than the same period the year. Zhou Pingjun temperature: the western mountains, north 3 degrees ~4 degrees C, other regions at 4 degrees C ~6 C. Extremely low temperatures during the week: the western mountains, the northern -6 ~-4 ~-2, -4 in other regions. 22 ~23 days, the province will be the first large range since the beginning of winter snowfall, north central regions have small to moderate snow, sleet, snow to other areas. Newspaper reporter Wang Junfang Zheng financial media – related news department management, a large number of sources of pollution control of air quality will be improved next week in Washington these days, the decline in air quality, the city issued a yellow warning in time. The warning period, a number of departments jointly control the pollution source, stop more than 2 thousand site earthwork operations, adopt measures such as reduction of the implementation of industrial enterprises. During my early warning requirements, construction site to stop earthwork operations, the city’s primary and secondary roads and suburban roads increased dust, cleaning, watering and spraying operation frequency; industrial enterprises in the implementation of limited production cut; large trucks, engineering car limit line area, guide city transit vehicles to avoid driving etc.. In accordance with the emission reduction list, Urban Construction Committee organized 2541 site to stop earthwork construction, water stop 16 water conservancy project to stop earthwork construction, gardens bureau to stop 30 earthwork construction site, public letter to the Committee of 131 industrial enterprises emission reduction. The city a total of 189 boilers have all been required to stop production. According to the weather forecast, the next Monday evening, affected by strong cold air, the province from north to south there are 5 or so northerly winds, the pollution process weakened from north to south end, the city’s air quality will improve. Zheng news media reporter Wang Junfang相关的主题文章: