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HIV infection test of public prosecution failed people club Bureau: he said I can’t – "the moral public channel refused to record my whole is equal to the negative direction of the struggle." In December 2015, Wang Ke (a pseudonym) enrolled in the staff of institutions directly under the Jiangxi Shangrao exam. Although the written interview comprehensive score first, but because of the physical examination link found HIV antibody positive, Wang Ke refused to record. Shangrao Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security refused to record the basis of the civil service recruitment examination standard eighteenth, AIDS, not qualified." In April 13th, Wang Ke Yizhisuzhuangjiang Shangrao city human resources and Social Security Bureau to court. He told the "Beijing time", he is the only one of the seven victims of discrimination against the plaintiff. In recent years, suffering from AIDS suffered employment discrimination lawsuit gradually increased. Many lawyers believe that the "Employment Promotion Law", "communicable disease prevention act", "AIDS Prevention Act" and other relevant laws are "not to discriminate against HIV infected persons", "Employment Promotion Law" also stipulates that "employers Zhaoyongrenyuan, infectious pathogen carrier shall not be refused employment." When the civil service examination standard is inconsistent with the superior law, it should be regarded as invalid. "He said I was at least moral." Wang Ke reluctantly on the Beijing time to talk about the leadership of the Bureau of social evaluation. "After the sick, my canteen meals are to stop", after the experience Men’s feelings are changeable. Wang Ke insisted myself to get the case continues, "if not this is true, it will be another three appeared." In October 14, 2016, Wang Ke received a trial of Xinzhou District of Shangrao city court verdict, the court dismissed the claims of Wang Ke. In October 18th, Wang Ke filed an appeal. The prevalence of HIV infection: that will arrange the funeral Beijing time: what time is found to be infected with HIV? Wang Ke: soon after the Spring Festival in 2015, the three doctors called me to a small room. The doctor asked me to take drugs. He asked me prostitution? Have a few girlfriends? I did not answer, asked the doctor, "ask these why? If you have anything to say, I’ll be fine." I thought it was sex related cancer. The doctor then asked me about AIDS? My first reaction was, "can I?" The doctor said, "yes, you do, but not immediately." Beijing time: before symptoms? Wang Ke: the year before last there was a walk very panting, low back pain, at first I thought it was drinking too much, but also to find a traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture massage, little effect. Later, more and more serious, the doctor said to be pleurisy, eat some medicine. But it didn’t take long to relapse. One day, suddenly fainted, only to find out after hospitalization. Beijing time: know what their response to AIDS? Wang Ke: the legs are straight and soft, leaning against the table. I was only 30 years old, was particularly sad, particularly sad. At that time I felt a bit unwilling, is afraid of death. I’m not willing to go out of the country because I can smell相关的主题文章: