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Hongkong Securities Regulatory Commission released the mainland online account Shenzhen Tong before opening lower threshold of national investment competition: Irving King peep catch demon shares of Sina Financial App: Live on-line blogger to tutor the Hongkong Securities Regulatory Commission recently released "to the intermediary advice letter to verify the identity of customers" in the opening process has become a hot topic in this letter, the weekend. The Hongkong Securities Regulatory Commission said it would allow brokers to verify the identity of customers and enter into a client agreement when using the electronic signature of the mainland and Hongkong, which is the first time for the client to open an account. What does this letter from the Hongkong Securities Regulatory Commission mean? In short, the Hongkong Securities Regulatory Commission released the Hongkong securities online account, mainland investors no longer need to face to face in Hong Kong to open an account, it is greatly facilitated in Hong Kong to develop China brokerage business in the mainland. Hongkong securities insider told reporters brokerage Chinese, Shenzhen Tong soon, in recent days, the Hongkong Securities Regulatory Commission will continue to launch further policy, reduce the investment threshold of mainland investors in Hong kong." Hongkong in order to fight for the mainland funds have been fully powered, which shows. However, another Hong Kong Securities Association official said, mainland investors to open the Hong Kong dollar account through online remote release, account costs can be reduced, but there is no operating rules. PK mainland brokerage account opening an account in Hong Kong after the opening of Hong Kong stocks mainland investors are relatively cumbersome. Compared to the mainland speed online account, mainland investors to open Hong Kong stocks, the line must be authenticated. "Face to face" indispensable: an account to be opened in Hongkong brokerage or banking business department, the completion of the relevant agreement signed and verified, or, by the Hongkong securities staff to visit the customer side, to complete the signing. If the customer is not face to face in the form of account, sign the account opening documents, must be made by the Hongkong brokerage staff, or registered professional accountants, notaries and other professionals to present testimony. Mainland brokerage account has long been under the tide of Internet banking, into a minute to get things done. China Securities Industry Association released in March 15, 2013 "the securities company to open a customer account standards", proposed brokers can not only account for the customer site in the premises, but also through the Internet and China witness, the Commission approved the other way for a customer account. Since then, after the brokerage of Internet banking investment, IT technology upgrades, brokerage accounts for investors has achieved speed to complete. A share investors online account, the completion of the basic information on the Internet to fill in, take the ID card, video recording and other aspects of the link, after the adoption of the audit by the broker, you can open an account successfully. Insiders said that Hongkong wants to become the mainland capital "preferred overseas investment center", in the background of interoperability will be upgraded under the released online account, and the mainland market to prove safety standards, from the mainland to further open market space. Specific rules have not yet introduced the Hongkong Securities Regulatory Commission issued an online account will be open to the mainland investors such as the A-share market to open a stock account as convenient A? Hongkong Securities Regulatory Commission相关的主题文章: