How commercial banks should develop Inclusive Finance

Commercial banks should be how to develop inclusive finance the sina finance opinion leader (WeChat public kopleader) columnist Dong Ximiao in the development of Inclusive Finance, commercial banks also need to face the problems of sustainable business. How to achieve sustainable development of Inclusive Finance, is a worldwide problem. Inclusive Finance has a strong policy, social, but if the profit and cost and risk does not match the financial unsustainable, and ultimately may be short-lived. Commercial banks should be how to develop Inclusive Finance in the recently held G20 summit in Hangzhou, the number of Inclusive Finance has become one of the hot topics of the summit discussion. G20 Member States to explore the formation of the financial sector, the first international common program, G20 digital senior principles of inclusive finance. Digital Inclusive Finance aims to promote the development of Inclusive Finance using digital technology, using digital means to enhance the financial service efficiency and service range, through the mobile Internet, mobile payment, network and communications services, mobile data, cloud computing and other digital means to reduce financing costs, improve financing efficiency, expand investment and financing channels, based on the requirements of equal opportunities and the principles of sustainable business, to the degree of risk control and cost burden, let more people enjoy the fruits of finance development. January 2016, the State Council announced the development of inclusive financial development plan (2016 – 2020), inclusive finance rose to national strategy, and digital technology for the development of Inclusive Finance wings. In the digital development of inclusive financial tide, as the mainstay of China’s financial industry, banking industry adhering to the "customer centered" concept, seize the opportunity, take advantage of, make full use of digital means to promote the development of Inclusive Finance, and to achieve their own transformation and change in the process. For a long time, commercial banks adhere to the Pratt & Whitney finance as an important direction of effort, in the channels, products and services, and many other aspects of exploration and innovation. For example, additional agency community branches, small micro branches and self-service banking outlets, convenience of the public, the villagers access; bank card based retail payment system, as migrant workers send money home through electronic remittance channels; the implementation of bank card ATM services to help farmers in the village, shops, health service station installation of the POS machine, in the local villagers can withdrawals and consumption; innovative way of collateral, and the "three rural" for small and micro credit products tailored to help the breakthrough "bottleneck, mortgage difficult; to explore Small and micro businesses liquidity loan payment, to provide on-site services, effectively improve the Small and micro businesses the coverage of financial services and service efficiency. In addition, commercial banks also through mobile Internet applications in the financial sector, a new breakthrough in the technology to achieve inclusive finance. The introduction and development of Internet banking, telephone banking, mobile phone bank, WeChat bank, make full use of the characteristics of the network financial threshold is low, low cost, high efficiency, wide coverage, to make up for the lack of traditional financial services and the lack of promotion of traditional financial industry to service small and micro enterprises and low-income persons financial services. Especially in recent years, commercial banks will be inclusive finance rose to war相关的主题文章: