How I Answered A Desperate Cry For Help From A Man Tormented By Evil

Spirituality I recently received a message a man who stated he is being tormented by demonic spirits. He requested my assistance in removing them from his body. I assumed he read one of my past articles concerning astral entities. His message was intelligently worded. He seemed genuine in his claim that the spirits have been plaguing him for many years. His message was short and did not include details about his condition. This was my reply to him: Please understand that I cannot release you from your dark captors. This is a self-imposed imprisonment. You need to know that these evil spirits only have power over you because you are allowing it. Their power is an illusion. These spirits know that they have no real power over you. The only power they have is fear. Fear is an emotion your mind is generating. It is not something that exists outside of you. Nor does it exist in the spirits that are imprisoning you. They know that I am telling you the truth, since I have learned their secret. If I were to help you dislodge the entities . . . they would only return to antagonize once more. Ill tell you what you need to do in order to be free of their influence. You need to find the confidence to stand up to them. You are a more powerful than they are. Until you realize this . . . the will continue to occupy your body. Parasitic entities feed on your negative emotions (fear, guilt, shame, regret, sadness, etc.). You are providing them with a hospitable environment. They will not leave until you force them out. Face the darkness within you. Do not turn away from it. Face down your demons. Do not fear them. The dark forces cannot harm you. You are a powerful, eternal being of love and light. I suggest you meditate on this thought . . . initially for a few minutes every day. Tell yourself positive affirmations like: I am worthy. Or I am a powerful being. These affirmations will soon become your new subconscious programming. It will replace your old negative thought patterns. As you go through this process, look at your thoughts and emotions nonjudgmentally and objectively. In a short time, you will begin to separate the lies you are being told, from your personal truths (your true beliefs and values). Your anger will burn towards the demons that possess you. You will eventually drive them out. As you turn towards the light . . . they will return to the darkness. Negative entities cannot exist in the light. You have to realize that this is your fight. They are your demons. I can only empower you to stand your ground against them. Blessings to you, David About the Author: David Almeida is a talk radio show host, Board Certified Hypnotist, advanced past-life regressionist therapist, and Reiki healer. He writes and speaks extensively on applying ancient mystical philosophy as means for personal growth and development. Davids current focus is on empowering people to develop effective personal success strategies. Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Spirituality 相关的主题文章: