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Hu Ge Zhao Liying Chen Jianbin – Julian Cheung quit entertainment     Sohu; Sohu entertainment news last week, "the first grade graduation season?" with martial arts sparring, shooting blasting action all took turns, easily won the ratings champion. This week the first grade graduation season "?" hit the Golden Eagle Festival scenes, is a star, gathered a large coffee. Not only Hu Ge Zhao Liying and other powerful actors such as generous to share their experience and deduction, presided over the "old song" He Jiong airborne "the first grade graduation season?". A new round of battle suddenly struck, the audience for the first time to face the audience live recording, imitation host difficulty upgrade. Teacher collective "job hopping", Chen Jianbin became a producer, Julian Cheung loura into ace presenter. So wonderful content, absolutely can not be missed. Watch the Golden Eagle Festival Entertainment, "the first grade" half of the country Hu Ge Zhao Liying shared acting experience     "the first grade graduate students?" is the debut in the China TV Golden Eagle Festival celebration. This week the graduation in the experimental class students watch the Golden Eagle Festival scenes, not only a glimpse of the entertainment circle senior predecessors style, also obtained with predecessors exchange of learning opportunities, let the students excited as cheerful as a lark. Especially Zhao Zhiwei has always regarded Hu Ge as an example, this time to see the idol was nervous and shy, red face to Hu Ge for acting experience. As a graduate of Shanghai Theater Academy seniors Hu Ge, still on campus mentees to be admired, they cherish the wonderful time on campus now have, she told them, "we should always maintain the mentality of the first grade."     not just Hu Ge, just China gains TV Golden Eagle audience favorite actress Zhao Liying, also on "the first grade graduate students?" to express their good hope. Zhao Liying and Cheng Yi recalled due to play, the friends reunion, Zhao Liying becomes the second "Baguio asked:" "how do you steal a surprised feather down?" Cheng Yi from the elegant Shaoxia Lin Jingyu became Cobain born captain, let Zhao Liying shouted to. There are more big stars of the stage, the Golden Eagle Festival fun behind the scenes, is not looking forward to that super He Jiong airborne He Jiong back "the first grade" experience of Cheng Yi Zhao Zhiwei fell N inverted     "the first grade graduation season for the first time?" students out of the campus drama, the trip to Hunan not only participated in the Golden Eagle Festival. More surprising is the Hunan TV host He Jiong. As a veteran of the entertainment industry, He Jiong brilliant, presided over, acting, singing, when the director is involved in many aspects. In the entertainment world for decades, He Jiong warned the students sincere words and earnest wishes, "to learn to listen, to listen to the voice of the world." This time with the teacher face to face communication, the students also gain a lot.     program, playing with the teacher who played with the students playing a one hundred second NG game. He presided over the variety show teacher for so many years, experience is a game king. Netizens have said, with the teacher to play the game to win the possibility is not great oh!" Although the outcome is unknown, but Yi and zhao!相关的主题文章: