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Huangpu intends to build the Shanghai business district planning compiling experience area innovation and transformation of Huangpu | became the first city international consumer city demonstration area, here to "the Shanghai"? Recently, the Shanghai municipal government formally approved Huangpu District as one of the first batch of international consumer city demonstration zone in Shanghai. The main goal of benchmarking world-class actively, give full play to their own advantages, enhance the level of traditional values, promote foreign consumption, enhance consumer contribution to regional economy. In order to build excellent brand agglomeration and the consumption quality demonstration area, "the Shanghai Business District of wisdom experience area and practice area as the starting point, build Shanghai international consumer city demonstration area. The main innovation pay more attention to the overall linkage linkage block upgrade, adhere to the regional function and commercial activities, block form, cultural expression, ecological consumption, play the comprehensive advantages of location, history, culture and other aspects of the brand, creating business characteristics, optimize the consumption environment is more comprehensive; focus on New technologies, new models, new formats. Lead the new mode of the promotion of new technologies and demonstration, new formats; pay more attention to the fashion lifestyle, and guide the consumer to upgrade; pay more attention to dig the historical and cultural heritage, to speed up the business and culture, tourism and exhibition industry integration, become the Shanghai culture interpretation experience. 2, promote business transformation, to create a demonstration project work in accordance with the "regulation, municipal enterprises belonged to the company to take the lead to social adjustment, business guidance and regulation to fully play the main role in the business enterprise, around the three municipal district and two district business district, create a number of demonstration projects with leading commercial transformation, promote business innovation and transformation, to further enhance the level of business development. The next 2-3 years, the three major municipal level in Huangpu will enter a new round of business restructuring, a total of 21 projects, an area of 780 thousand square meters, the project’s direct investment over 10 billion. 3, adhere to the brand strategy, create excellent brand cluster to accelerate the implementation of the new consumer guide project ", cultivate quality expand consumption, fashion consumption, service consumption, cultural consumption and other emerging consumer hot spots. Shanghai actively implement the unique action plan, selection of East Nanjing Road Commercial Pedestrian Street, Yu Garden area, the layout of a number of brand integration, various forms of "Shanghai unique creative outlets, expand the effective supply, to achieve buy Shanghai, buy, buy the world. Vigorously implement the brand strategy, support service brand, regional brand, brand and product brand development, to promote high-quality business resources and excellent brand docking, to further improve the agglomeration degree of the abundance of goods and brands, develop brand headquarters economy. 4, improve service levels, improve product quality and build focus guarantee service level quality consumption demonstration area, give full play to the commercial entity experience advantage, implement mechanism innovation, to create the most assured products, best quality service "the quality of consumption demonstration area, growing commercial service soft power. To carry out the quality of service activities, establish and improve the service quality and service mechanism, Xianxingpeifu mechanism and incentive mechanism. 5, mining cultural heritage, to create "the Shanghai business district this paper only relying on historical experience相关的主题文章: