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Hubei guy recruits two months to resign refused Taoxin fruit finger impulse self mutilation Washington (reporter correspondent Zhai Lanlan Zhang Jin) the boss refused to resign, "finger" self mutilation guy under shortness of breath. Boss in the end there is no responsibility, how much responsibility? Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Wuchang District jade bridge street people’s mediation committee was informed that the case has recently completed mediation, the guy has returned home to recuperate. A month ago, Peace Avenue, a restaurant owner Zhou suddenly came to the area police station staff Li Tao (a pseudonym) cut off one of his fingers. Li Tao is a clerk in his shop, just two months into the job, has recently wanted to resign, but because of the lack of people who did not agree with him, and seized his identity card. The shop belongs to the side of the ordinary small restaurants, staff bags to eat, did not sign a contract, are verbal agreements, the boss pay a salary once a year, such as early leave, wages may not be able to get. One night, Li Tao drank a little wine, with a week for this argument, Li Taoyue said more gas, even with the kitchen kitchen knife to chop off his left little finger, suddenly bleeding profusely. Despite being rushed to the hospital, but also because of injury, a cut finger can not be connected. In Jiyuqiao street people’s mediation committee mediator Wang Huilin repeatedly mediation, Zhou personally paid 3000 yuan for medical expenses, payment by Li Tao had deserved the wages of 3000 yuan and 1000 yuan compensation to Li Tao for money back home. When Li Tao once again to ask for compensation for late treatment, Zhou refused. Zhou in the end how much responsibility to pay? Hubei Optics Valley law firm Gong Yunming lawyers said, "there is a certain relationship between the finger" results with the boss, but it is not the inevitable result of the deduction of wages are not allowed to resign, brought out of sympathy, should support certain medical expenses, but Li Tao as a person of full capacity, but can not control their emotions, irrational self mutilation, should be negative greater responsibility, encounter Taoxin problems, you can apply for labor arbitration, no need to hurt yourself in this extreme way.相关的主题文章: