Hunan’s first artificial satellite Xiaoxiang a number 10, the successful launch of (video)

Hunan’s first artificial satellite "Xiaoxiang a number" 10, Hunan successfully launched the first satellite "Xiaoxiang 1" Xiaoxiang one earlier report: Hunan’s first artificial satellite "Xiaoxiang, sent to Jiuquan in November to November 10th Changsha space net news reporter from the Changsha high tech Zone was informed that in November 10th at 7:42 in the morning, Hunan’s first man-made the first commercial satellite, China scientific experiment satellite –" Xiaoxiang No.1 "in Jiuquan satellite launch base is equipped with the successful launch of the long march rocket number eleven. It is an important step in the commercialization and industrialization of scientific experiment satellite in China, and the Hunan enterprises have successfully initiated the commercial space of Chinese private enterprises. Design of "Xiaoxiang satellite international standard cubic star based on this tiny satellite weighs only 8kg, power 23W, life of six months to a year or so. By the Changsha hi tech Zone settled in the development of independent research institute, its development cycle (demand – Design – Development – launch) took less than a year. "Xiaoxiang satellite launched into orbit space will make a number of tests of new technologies, including software radio, navigation, space test signal enhancement test, model test, the on-board computer equipped with high precision optical image stabilization test, developed jointly by day instrument and Aerospace Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, a hospital fourteen photoelectric Institute of Aerospace the traditional advantages of the unit. Tianyi Research Institute of the relevant responsible person said, Tianyi Research Institute as a private enterprise of the first commercial space China, is committed to the traditional aerospace engineering experience as the foundation, combined with the advanced idea of product development of the commercial market, the establishment of new commercial space development system. Since then, the instrument research institute aims at domestic and foreign scientists and research institutes to provide short cycle, low cost, one-stop space science experiment verification and technical verification services. In recent years, foreign commercial space development, especially the progress in space transportation, satellite remote sensing and other aspects of the business was a space exploration company (SpaceX), the emergence of planetary Lab Corp (planet labs) as the representative of a number of commercial Aerospace Corp. With the establishment of state-owned enterprises China long march rocket Co., long Satellite Technology Co., Chinese Aerospace also ushered in the upsurge of commercial space. In December this year, another Joint Research Institute of Europe and the European Academy of science and technology to develop a microgravity satellite will be launched abroad. (net correspondent Yu Xuhua moment news reporter Yi Tianqi) recommended Video: the first satellite "Dongfanghong Chinese"! Collection record相关的主题文章: