Hundreds of volunteers to run the night rooftop fluorescent autistic children to raise

Hundreds of volunteers to run the night rooftop fluorescent autistic children to raise money users "day bear @ Taizhou Evening News: a few days ago this evening, we held a fluorescent run, a hundred people attend, they are for children with autism to raise money. Reporters verify the netizen "daytime bear" surnamed Chen, Taizhou Tiantai people. 7 the night of September 20th, 99 regression in Tiantai forest, held an open up a fresh outlook fluorescent night running, impressed by him. "This is our rooftop youth volunteers for the roof of a poor family autism children’s crowd raising activities." With fluorescent night run to raise the public, on the Tiantai is a new thing, many people to watch. More than 100 love people with fluorescent equipment, with the characteristics of the dress, each has its own characteristics, along the way to form a long queue. Xiao Chen watched enthusiastically, "participants dressed up, no ranking points, no speed dispute movement, along the way you can enjoy the staff spoof."." The love personage starts from 99 regression forest, passes through the sea hole resort, the tower village, arrives at the tower rear villa to participate in the music interaction link, and has a short rest, then returns to the starting point along the Tian Tong Road direction. Xiao Jia, who participated in the event, has a lot of feelings. "This activity is very meaningful. It not only helps to build up a healthy body, but also helps a person who needs help. It is not easy to hear about this child. This year, through his own efforts, he has been admitted to Tiantai special education school." It is reported that with the influence of the night running, the organizers raised a total of 2930 yuan donation, will be donated to the autistic children.

天台百余志愿者荧光夜跑 为自闭症患儿众筹善款网友“白天的小熊”@台州晚报:前几天晚上,我们这举行了一次荧光跑,有百来个人参加,他们是为了自闭症儿童众筹善款。记者核实网友“白天的小熊”姓陈,台州天台人。9月20日晚7点,在天台九九回归林,举行了一场别开生面的荧光夜跑,让他印象颇深。“这是我们天台的青年志愿者们为天台的一位贫困家庭自闭症患儿的众筹活动。”用荧光夜跑来进行众筹,在天台是个新鲜事,来观看的市民不少。100多位爱心人士用荧光装备随性装扮,各有特点,一路上组成一条长龙。小陈看得起劲,“参与者盛装出席,进行无排名之分,无速度之争的运动,沿途可以享受工作人员的恶搞。”爱心人士从九九回归林出发,一路途经海坑度假村、塔后村,到达塔后山庄后参加音乐互动环节并稍作休息,再沿天桐路方向返回起点。参加了活动的小贾很有感触,“这个活动很有意义,既强身健体,又帮助了一个需要帮助的人,听说这个孩子特别不容易,今年还通过自己的努力考上了天台县特殊教育学校。”据悉,借助这次荧光夜跑的影响力,主办方总共募集到了2930元善款,都将捐助给这位自闭症患儿。相关的主题文章: