Hung with D block and other red light These ten seemingly harmless habits are destroying the car – c

Hung with D block and other red light? These ten seemingly harmless habits are destroying the car – car Sohu if you hang D gear, brakes and other red habits? Do you always want to go to the gas tank with a red light? Do you always forget to turn off the air conditioning, parking, forget the rain brush, sound, headlights? These seemingly harmless habits, once two times did not see what is wrong with, so easily overlooked, but it happens every time it hurt the car, days and months multiplying for a long time, Constant dripping wears away a stone., when the car is really a problem, just too late for regrets. Then what are the seemingly unimportant but can never be ignored the bad habits? 1, such as traffic lights have been linked to the traffic lights such as D block D block, in fact, there is a peristaltic motion of the vehicle, but the brakes control it. If such for a long time, increased fuel consumption that will cause the gearbox overheating, although not to damage the gearbox, but wear increase exists, can not say which day days and months multiplying, the problem is possible. 2 every time a red light to remember to go to the gas station, usually, the oil pump is immersed in the oil, which is conducive to oil cooling. When the lights are red, the oil level is low, the oil pump has exposed the oil surface, without cooling oil pump, prone to overheating damage, every little accumulation of damage, a long time, maybe one day will therefore burn oil pump overheating. 3 in the afternoon after the car burst? On the one hand, the car after exposure to higher surface temperature, cold water washing, the surface of the car due to thermal expansion and contraction, car paint and car cover different materials, thermal expansion and contraction in different degrees, which will affect the adhesion effect of paint; on the other hand, small drops of water washing after the car will have the magnifying glass condensing effect, direct sunlight, the surface temperature of the surrounding water will rise rapidly, accelerated aging of paint. After the one or two exposure car wash, it seems that the problem is not big, but many times, there will be visible damage, such as: paint. 4 wheel shot or parking steering wheel is not killed will make the steering gear, steering rod rack in a limit position, compared to the normal condition, will have greater force. Parking is not return the steering wheel, the steering wheel will make gears, steering rod, suspension system, tire side wall of a long time in the "less" state, the result of long-term accumulation, will accelerate the deformation, these parts wear, cracks or other defects. 5 air conditioning did not close on the launch vehicle in the air conditioning not closed state, the engine starts at the same time, the air conditioning compressor will start at the same time, will increase the engine load, increased wear, if always, the engine is easy to burn out". 6 open parking flameout stereo or forgot to turn off the headlights car power system power from a car battery, open sound or parking flameout forgot to turn off the headlights, the battery will discharge excessive, cause irreversible damage to the battery, reduce the service life of the battery. If a time forgot to turn off the headlights, the battery discharge finished, will cause the car doesn’t start, but also has the self-locking anti-theft system of automobile, more trouble ah! )相关的主题文章: