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Husband and wife husband wife driving Lianzhuang two car alarm "Mieqin" baby holding Chongqing daily news October 27th morning, Yubei a couple quarrel at home, did not get the car license husband stormed out, want to drive away, his wife holding the baby with him, the couple continue to fight in the car, the husband stuffed in a car accident due to distraction. After the incident, his wife holding the child alarm for help. After the alarm, Yubei District Traffic and patrol police detachment Longxi Police Brigade found the man, he was criticized after given punishment according to law. Yesterday, Yubei District Traffic and patrol police detachment official said, in October 27th this year at around 1 am, Yubei Longxi a district of a young couple quarrel because of household chores, the husband angrily grabbed a tour car keys out of the door, planning to run away. The young wife crying, holding the newborn baby of 10 months follow him, two people walking and pulling. This couple just bought a car, her husband only a E tour, has not yet received a driver’s license, is taking the subject three. After the incident that night, a tour in spite of his wife discourage rushed into the garage, the car will be drilled out. When he came to the Park West Road in the vicinity of four flowers, his wife holding the child rushed up to stop him, lakaichemen sitting in the car rear seat, the couple had a heated argument in the car. All of a sudden "bang bang, in a quarrel because of distracted driving, the car hit a car parked on the roadside bus, his wife was head collision, the arms of the baby was injured, crying with fright. Mad swim in a fury, excitedly to move, due to improper operation, then bang when bang, the car again, he was driving crashed into a car parked in front of his car, the front bumper, the other car taillight all smashed, scattered parts a. His wife was frightened to open the car door, holding the baby out of the car, after a trip to get off with her noisy. His wife worried about her husband lost his mind will drive again trouble, hastily pulled out a mobile phone crying alarm rescue. Yubei District Traffic and patrol police detachment Longxi Police Brigade after receiving the alarm, quickly arrived at the scene, found the roadside is sulking a tour. The police for a swim in anger driving, distracted operation, lead to the accident severely criticized the conduct of. Police said the accident was a tour quarrel distraction caused by improper operation, bear full responsibility for the accident, shall compensate all the losses of damaged vehicles, while holding a tour of E, but did not get the car C1 driving license, its behavior belongs to the "driving and driver’s license to drive does not match the" illegal behavior, according to the "road traffic safety law" provisions, the police imposed a record 12 points, a fine of 500 yuan penalty for the.相关的主题文章: