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Hyacinth warm medicine Complete Guide to 40 weeks of pregnancy (Nineteenth weeks) – Sohu maternal editor: hyacinth Faye reviewer: Dr. Li Ting (deputy director of the Shanghai First Maternal and Infant Health-Care Hospital physician, medical expert group maternity doctors Wo, hyacinth and App – private doctors special gynecological experts) changes in the baby: now the baby’s sensory development by leaps and bounds: he is her the brain starts to smell and taste are divided into special area, auditory, visual and tactile. Fetal fat skin also has waterproof function in secretion, to protect the baby skin, can also reduce the baby through the birth canal resistance at the time of production. Brown fat can keep your baby warm after birth. There is also a substance called myelin that protects the nerves of the fetus. The baby can hear and tell her mother’s voice. The change of mothers: the round ligament is supporting ligaments of uterus, will continue to stretch, so as to adapt to the increasing of the uterus, when you change position or a busy day, you may feel abdominal pain, may even have one side or both sides of the body appear occasionally short tingling feeling, it is probably because the round ligament pull reason. This week points: pay attention to the sun the sun will deepen the pigment changes, can wear a hat and umbrella along and use sunscreen sunscreen for. Can choose qualified cosmetics. Pay attention to smoking environment: should be absolutely prohibited smoking and drinking, but also to avoid the use of second-hand smoke, long-term passive smoking, but also affect the body and mental development of fetal baby. Hyacinth – children private doctor APP, maternity medical 7*24 hours online consultation, to your private doctor questions whenever and wherever possible. Hyacinth for you and your family’s health escort!相关的主题文章: