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I have something to say why watch maintenance maintenance? – Sohu inscription: some people say that the watch is not bad, you do not need maintenance; some people say that watches are torn, can not do maintenance and maintenance; some people say, watch every day did not stop walking, cars and stop time, through maintenance how many kilometers, don’t watch you do not care? Watch maintenance as a doctor, there are two kinds of people I do not engage in the repair of the clock industry has also been a number of years, have seen all kinds of guests. Needle for the concept of watch maintenance, can be described as divergent views. This is like a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, in the "historical records biography" Bian Que mentioned in the six rule, this is not the doctors are reluctant to patients, but these six kinds of people can not be changed, so can cure. One of the first and second, I recommend to watch maintenance is very appropriate. The first one is "unbridled arrogance regardless of reason, not a cure and". This is a kind of person, do not speak the truth more willful people, in his mind, there is a set of ideas, do not believe you, but also do not listen to the words. This is a very serious person. Indeed, his halfcooked concept, is not based on the principle of mechanical watches, but the empiricism is not desirable. Another one is "light weight property, two dead." The meaning of this sentence is that a doctor would also like to spend money, do not look, you can not give him such a person. Extended to watch repair, the appropriate maintenance costs do not want to spend, feel expensive. Sometimes it is necessary to have bad parts to be willing to spend money. This customer, we can not help. Truly speaking, I will give you a blow, is also meant to tell about their difficulties as maintenance industry. This article will be divided into two parts to introduce watch maintenance. In the first part, I will give you a brief description of the classification of some watches and mechanical principles, and why the need for maintenance, as well as the difference between maintenance and warranty? The second part, I want to say to everyone watch industry shady, some scam, share some experiences and how to choose some shop. The classification and principle of mechanical watches here, we briefly introduce the watch, how many? The current circulation of the main types of watches can be divided into four kinds, the first kind, the mechanical movement of the watch, this is the important talk; second, pointer type watch quartz movement, this paper will also involve such; third, LCD screen display watches, such as some common brand. CASIO, Sunto, baishengniu and so on; fourth, smart watches, such as mobile phone brand subsidiary products. Third, four kinds of watches, mainly because of some complex integrated circuits, smart chips and other processes. The part that can be repaired is almost negligible, so it is not involved in the concept of maintenance. Smart table everyone here may have a question. That these products do not need to maintain the watch is not better? Will gradually replace the mechanical watch? I will not answer. For example, at the beginning of this year, CASIO’s boss had criticized the shortcomings of smart watches. There are two main shortcomings相关的主题文章: