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"I love my family" s songs sing. ‘play Cross – Sohu’s   entertainment; sing songs Sohu entertainment Wang Jieshi imitation of Fei Yuqing singing "Prairie night", can "cure cervical vertebra"? Wei Jindong challenge classic songs, style beyond your imagination! Two strength will be a friend to sing more opponents! In the golden cross sing, all the fun friends burst mengliao! The first suit Wang Jieshi to buy a tie, but collocation turtleneck, do not want to actually change the popular models! Wei Jindong took "China dragon" music video and leave what fun? Cross-border competition in November 21st BTV’s 19:35 is not the same, stunning the audience who break dancing? "I love my family" wonderful show! Song friends cross the moment into an opponent? Recently very popular a word called "crossover", both "singer" or "cross-border cross-border comedy" king of all ratings impressive, 98 courtyard "good" play cross-border exports is amazing! He also invited two good neighbors Wang Jieshi and the secret of Wei Jindong: they sing the original cross-border! Wei Jindong broke the news: Wang Jieshi will return "Khoomei, and Mr. Wang flew to sit in the front, he learned to Hoomei on the plane, call up! He quietly calls the waiter nervous! What do you think is wrong with the plane?!" Wang Jieshi also recommended the Jindong singing to him, said after practice Hoomei his voice more and more bright! When it comes to vocalize, two PK test site in surprise! Wei Jindong drew sang songs with a rock style, he can take time for? Wang Jieshi meets Fei Yuqing copy of the challenge, Fu Qiang actually said with a smile: it is not "cure cervical", counting the number of bulbs? Friends meet the first competition, everyone "crossover" the audience burst Mengliao frequently not resigned to playing second fiddle! Wang Jieshi is wearing a popular first suit fan children! Two strength to sing will not only cross PK busy, also recalled in the songs in a very fashion show. When Wang Jieshi put on the first suit, Beijing has not sold a suit, want to buy can not buy it! The Wang Jieshi family has a clothing tailored uncle gave him a suit, but everywhere to buy a tie! What shall I do? At that time did not feel particularly uncomfortable, still have to tie, buckle, knit a turtleneck, then this suit was once popular downneck over a period of time, inadvertently leading to a trend! So, Wei Jindong’s "Chinese style" clothing and hide what precious memory? Who can break a dance besides singing? In November 21st BTV’s "I love my home" 19:35. "King" wonderful play cross-border non-stop!相关的主题文章: