In 2016 the Stockholm Junior Water award Thailand players won the title – International – peo-didadi

In 2016 the "Stockholm Junior Water award   Thailand players won the title of the August 31 Stockholm Xinhua (reporter Huang Yundi) the evening of August 30th, the" World Water Week "blockbuster awards" Stockholm Junior Water Prize "in the Swedish capital announced, the ceremony held in Stockholm, the famous banquet hall" winter garden ". In addition to the contestants and family, organizers also invited many guests to witness the annual awards. Philip, Prince of Sweden, attended the awards dinner and served as the guest of honor at the awards dinner in honor of Prince Carle. Stockholm youth Water Prize Award ceremony. (Huang Yundi photo) scene purple, red lights for the awards dinner with a few minutes to add a warm romantic tone. Late 7, with the stage curtain slowly rising, Stockholm youth water award dinner officially opened. Wonderful after the opening dance, from 29 countries, young contestants with the applause of the audience, holding their national flag slowly onto the stage appeared one by one after sitting seat. When the guests enjoy all the dishes on the dinner menu, the host on the stage to announce the most exciting moment is coming. After Prince Philip and the awards were invited to the stage, the biggest suspense announced this evening. Finally, a team of Thailand students with "water structure imitation bromeliad device" won the 2016 "Stockholm Junior Water Prize" title, "certificate of excellence" award is whispering Mexico team. Before winning the popular Chinese middle school team regret and missed winning. Prince Philip then to all the winners awarded blue crystal trophies and awards. The winner will receive a $15000 cash bonus. Thailand players took the blue crystal trophy from Prince Philip. (Photo by Huang Yundi) "observation and experimental devices" imitation of bromeliads inspired from three Thailand girls on plant water retention capacity, in this process, they found a bromeliad plant with strong collection and water storage capacity. At present, the invention has been put into practice in some rubber planting areas in Thailand. Through the contrast experiment, it is found that the soil moisture content of the equipment is 17.65% higher than that of the common soil, and the yield is increased by up to 57. 5%. The jury believes the project from the source of inspiration for the practice of the process of conversion to a perfect fit of the year "World Water Week" theme "water resources sustainable development drive", therefore decided to award them the. Prince Philip and won the "outstanding certificate" of the Mexico players. (Photo by Huang Yundi) "Stockholm Junior Water Prize" by the Stockholm water foundation, in recognition of age between 15 to 20 years old, made outstanding contributions in the study of water environment in the field of youth, arouse more teenagers on the protection of water resources in. Is one of the most important awards for the world water resources domain. (commissioning editor: Xu Buyun (Intern), Chang Hong)相关的主题文章: