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In August the main indicators of economic decline in industrial investment with warm termination of acceleration in August the main indicators of economic decline in industrial investment with warmth terminated production speed – Reporter Lin far away from the Beijing National Bureau of Statistics reported 13 major economic data released on the August national economic operation. Data show that industrial added value, fixed asset investment, private investment, total retail sales of social consumer goods and other data have improved to varying degrees, generally exceeded market expectations. Experts said, "stabilize" and "rise" has become a key China economy in August, the supply side structural reforms and a series of steady growth and structural adjustment policies, market supply and demand, the quality of economic development, structure improvement. But note that structural adjustment is at a critical stage of transformation and upgrading, structural adjustment pains are released, the real economy despite the improvement, but the business difficulties still exist, economic downward pressure is still not small. Pick up the growth rate of investment showed signs of stabilization data show that from 1 to August, the national fixed asset investment (excluding farmers) $366339, an increase of 8.1%, the growth rate of flat from 1 to. High tech industry investment grew rapidly, from 1 to August, an increase of 15.5%, compared with to July to speed up 1.3 percentage points faster than the growth rate of total investment of more than 7.4 percentage points. Infrastructure investment continued to maintain rapid growth, from 1 to August, an increase of 19.7% over the year July to accelerate the rate of 0.1 percentage points. New project total investment of 323037 yuan, an increase of 22.7%. In August, the national fixed asset investment (excluding rural households) an increase of 8.2%, up 4.3 percentage points higher than last month; the manufacturing investment growth of 2.1%, up 0.5 percentage points; private investment growth of 2.3%, up 3.5 percentage points. Fixed asset investment has declined for four consecutive months of growth, investment growth in August did not continue to decline, indicating that investment has stabilized." Bank of China Institute of international finance researcher Gao Yuwei said that at the same time, the growth rate of private investment also stopped the momentum of decline, which is stable for the economy is a very positive signal. Gao Yuwei said, it is worth noting that the first eight months of this year, the new project investment increased by an annual growth of 22.7%, although the growth rate fell for the third consecutive month, but accelerated by 20 percentage points over the same period last year. The rapid growth of the project, a strong support for future investment continued to rise. State Statistical Bureau spokesman, the Comprehensive Economic Statistics Division Sheng Yun pointed out that the index of improvement and the government’s recent steady growth, structural adjustment, improve people’s livelihood policy support to a certain extent, but the policy of steady growth through investment expansion is not equal to the simple, irrigation water diffuse to stimulate the economy. Steady growth in investment policy, a lot of investment is to invest in the field of short board. For example, investment in infrastructure to invest more in the ecological environment and science and technology service industry, the growth rate of investment in ecological protection and environmental governance industry is about 41%, investment in agriculture and water conservancy investment growth of more than 20%, the information technology service industry investment growth of nearly 30%, the service industry overall investment growth over the相关的主题文章: