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In September 9th 19 traders are concerned about stock market news center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks 9, Bloomberg News Beijing reported that following the September 9th 19 global traders are concerned news Top 20, ranking from 9 to 19, click data Peng Bo terminal traders. 1) late review: stock index rose over 5 RMB; continued weak; foreign ministry comment on North Korea’s nuclear test; Asian currency fell BFW 16:10 2) Chinese economy bottomed out without fear of the depreciation of the exchange rate China central bank adviser Fang Gang CBN throws reassurance 17:55 3) economist Peng Bo: PPI Chinese code plus central bank decline easing monetary bearish BFW 12:23 4 chance it is reported that Gu Shu, vice president of ICBC) will be promoted to President CBN 16:13 5) Chinese currencies: CNY complex demoted to 6.68 yuan; the central bank adviser said the RMB should depreciate dollar bullish BFW 16:57 6) reflect the Chinese stock market, the Hang Seng Index rose; Shanghai and Taiwan fell; the currency plunged about Fang Gang; outflow; insurance; gaming BFW 16:56 7 it is reported that ICBC Asia) to apply for the issuance of 500 million units of the SDR bond program BFW 16:42 8) Chinese space age technology companies around global acquisitions will present CBN feast 18:37 9) China industrial producer price decline narrowed the consumer price inflation remains moderate CBN 11:41 10): HSBC raised the dollar in the onshore forecast to 6.8 by the end of 11 BFW 15:39) for Chinese Nomura: low inflation monetary easing to provide space material as soon as this month before the end of RRR BFW 14:20 12) issued a number of stocks in the Hang Seng Index overbought signals up to 16 months to the highest CBN 13:25 13) picture of the city: China will allow insurance funds to participate in Shanghai and Hong Kong through stimulation of Hong Kong stock rose CBN 14:34 14) the amount of net buying stocks through a record high again south north water accelerated BFW 17:03 15) source: Standard Chartered Bank Hongkong plans to issue up to 100 million SDR BFW 15:18 16 in Chinese denominated bonds) Chinese bond market: IRS fell; Fang Gang on the depreciation of capital outflows; Standard Chartered SDR debt; the new governor of ICBC; North Korea BFW 16:36 17) China Commission revised management approach major asset restructuring of listed companies to cool the BFW fried shell 16:54 18) the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchange draft regulations grading fund investors securities assets threshold is 300 thousand yuan BFW 17:31 19) technology on the city: the ukca on Britain from Europe after the referendum on the channel 1.7433 rail BFW 18:53 20) the Nikkei news: Andouble adviser Honda Etsuro said the Bank of Japan should be in this month BFW 18:35   overweight loose; Editor: handsome can Cong相关的主题文章: