In the Southern yellow desert Populus, the most beautiful season to travel – Sohu

In the Southern yellow desert Populus, the most beautiful season to travel to Bachu "- Sohu, I do not see the magnificent poplar, Populus euphratica, don’t know how splendid life". In Xinjiang, the best of Populus euphratica forest in Bachu, Bachu has the reputation of Populus euphratica. About 3000000 acres of primitive forest, Populus euphratica is the world’s largest contiguous area, known as the "Hu Yanghai". Poplar, in the Uygur language known as the "hero tree", it is "alive for thousands of years after the death of the undead, thousand years back down, the Millennium immortal" reputation. A year after the fall, Hu Chang leaves into a golden yellow and blue sky formed a fantastic picture. When I walked into the nature of this magical masterpiece, is everything in front of the intoxicated, I: "autumn wind was blowing unable to restrain the emotions, water Ying p.. Walking on the shore, in the middle picture." 2016 10 shooting in Xinjiang, Bachu Red Sea area. Red Sea resort is located in Bachu County, Arne Cooley Township, 12 kilometers away from Bachu County, covers an area of 40 square kilometers, consisting of Kashi River, the Silk Road Inn, primitive forest, red bay water park, four Kashi River wetland landscape area, ecological landscape area in lakes, rivers, grasslands, wetlands, Gobi, P. in one of the forest. The Red Sea area is graceful and beautiful Jiangnan, the vast magnificent desert in Gobi. This piece of Red Bay Reservoir in Yerqiang River Basin has blue waters, surrounded by lush green willows and reeds, birds fly, Jinlin swimming, is a dazzling pearl in the oasis area. Kashi River wetland is rich in vegetation, cattle and sheep flocks, Boardwalk winds, water gurgling, exudes a tranquil fresh pastoral atmosphere. The vast 3 million 160 thousand acres of Populus euphratica, is the largest contiguous area of natural Populus euphratica forest wild world, the extraordinary as if done by the spirits form, Pangbo upward momentum, firm and indomitable will, the spirit of all refuse to be cowed or submit a vivid interpretation, a magnificent natural life, the desert scenery tenacious. Hu Yanghai, on the red sea song cover village deep in the Gobi, Kashi is located in the Junggar River alluvial fan on the edge of water on three sides, the pleasant scenery. North of Populus euphratica in vast area, such as the autumn leaves with the picturesque. "The unique natural landscape of Populus euphratica and clear water, oasis, Gobi" one of the four shows a unique picture to people beyond the border. The core area of Populus euphratica sea area of 4000 acres, 3 million 160 thousand acres of "Bachu national Forest Park" poplar "iceberg", but here is the most beautiful island Shuibo populus. Natural poplar Island, surrounded by water, the water is a piece of reeds, the formation of the reed Mizushima dependency, accompanied by a fairyland. There are scenic spots of Zhanqiao, pavilion, Lu wind bridge, lake and viewing gallery and other attractions, determine the nature, quiet tone of modern life for Hu Yanghai. Walking along the Lake Road, shuttle and poplar, a scene, a scene of a mood. Here because of different age poplar, it has four kinds of blade shape, can be as thin as a line, such as Liu Mei, shaped like a fan, round as money "to describe, even the same tree long on different leaves, therefore, poplar is also known as the" four tree". In the scenic road Fengsui, pavilion.相关的主题文章: