India, a train derailment victims rose to 60 injured were sent to hospital – Sohu

India train derailment death toll rose to 60 people injured were rushed to the hospital – Sohu news in new network on 20 November, according to Agence France-Presse, foreign media reported in November 20th in India, a train derailment occurred in the northern part of the country, the number of victims from more than and 30 to 60. The cause of the accident is not clear. According to foreign media reports, the original from Patna to Indore express train, there are 14 cars. In the road to the north of India north of Bong Kamper (Kanpur) is a village near puite (Purwa), the train derailment occurred after the incident, many of the passengers trapped inside the collapsed, difficult to move, not rescued. India railway police and local people spontaneously rushed to the scene, trying to rescue people trapped inside; the medical staff also went to the scene to provide emergency assistance, and rescued the injured to hospital for examination. It’s not clear what caused the train to have 14 carriages derailed. Train is an important means of transport in India, but due to backward facilities, improper operation and other reasons, the country in recent years has repeatedly derailed train or collision, resulting in a large number of casualties.相关的主题文章: