Industrial structure adjustment needs to be divided into the province of precision policy (people’s

The adjustment of industrial structure should be precise measures (people’s observation) – China central enterprises news release authority — the central enterprises, the SASAC, new difficulties and challenges facing the development of local state-owned enterprises, the latest news, the northeast region is mainly: the market is not high, the vitality of state-owned enterprises is still insufficient, the development of private the economy is not sufficient; the development of technology and economy integration, industrial structure and product structure of partial resources, traditional type, heavy chemical type does not adapt to changes in the market, the development of emerging industries is slow; the depletion of resources, industrial structure, decline of single area (city) is facing many difficulties, social security and livelihood pressure; ideas not liberation, grass-roots local Party committees and governments to adapt to the economic development of the new normal leading ability needs to be further strengthened. This has affected the formation of the internal development power in the northeast region, which has seriously restricted the comprehensive revitalization of northeast china. "The CPC Central Committee and the State Council on the comprehensive revitalization of the northeast old industrial base" some suggestions to solve these problems, put forward to improve the institutional mechanisms, efforts to promote structural adjustment and to encourage innovation guide guidance, policy oriented and project. The implementation of the "opinions", the three northeastern provinces need to seriously analyze the specific structure of the province’s industrial structure, institutional aspects of the short board, according to local conditions. From the economic operation of the first half of this year, the three northeastern provinces showed significant economic differentiation. Among them, Jilin Province, the industrial added value steadily, has been synchronized with the national industry of Liaoning province; the negative growth trend has not been reversed, and fluctuated; the industry in Heilongjiang province showed a rising trend, but still in the low speed running state. Therefore, the three northeastern provinces to promote industrial structure adjustment especially the province precise measures and policies, otherwise they will be quite different to the situation of policy effect. For Liaoning Province, the key to promote the adjustment of industrial structure should be to prevent the rapid decline in the risk of manufacturing industry, the transformation and upgrading of equipment manufacturing industry to seek a breakthrough. During 12th Five-Year, the scale of industrial added value growth in Liaoning province decreased year by year, 2011, 2012, respectively, in 2014 and 14.9%, respectively, 9.9%, 9.6% and 4.8%, in 2015 is down to -4.8%. Affected by the rapid decline in the industry, in 2015 the proportion of the second industrial added value accounted for the proportion of GDP fell by 3.6 percentage points, the service sector accounted for an increase of up to 3.3 percentage points. Liaoning province is the old industrial base, is currently in the middle stage of industrialization second stage, the service industry accounted for the rapid increase reflects the trend of the economic structure to a certain extent, but the proportion of industrial decline implies as manufacturing industry innovation and sustainable development of the source of the hollow "risk. In fact, due to the decline in the efficiency of the industry accounted for the low efficiency of the service sector accounted for an increase in structural slowdown, it is an important reason for the sharp decline in economic growth in Liaoning. From the perspective of the internal structure of the industry, the equipment manufacturing industry has been the pillar of Liaoning’s industry and the driving force of its sustained and stable economic development. But the whole "12th Five-Year" period, Liaoning province equipment manufacturing industry added value growth is not ideal, there are outstanding problems for high-end equipment system相关的主题文章: