Interesting! Public welfare! Wenzhou University city thousands of color run-chompoo araya

Interesting! Public welfare! Wenzhou University City thousand color run yesterday, Beijing marathon run, nearly thirty thousand people involved, and the Wenzhou University in a city far apart from each other, known as "the world’s most happy 5 km" – The Color Run (color run) has attracted more than 1 thousand people, in addition to students in school, there are a lot of people join the "color run" list, the reporter also experience a. This from India Holi activities, to each other throwing colored powder express blessing for the purpose, after gradually spread to the United States by the young people are respected, this year, this activity hot country, known as "the world’s most crazy, the happiest and most colorful running". "The Color Run" temperature initiated by Wenzhou Kean University Student Association, the Communist Youth League Committee of Wenzhou City, Wenzhou City Federation of students. A total of more than a thousand people to participate in activities, not only with the United States the same day at Kean University, there are still local innovation, the organizers will use cost surplus founded Charity Fund for helping children welfare institute. And it is by way of happiness to do public service, so that the event has a new connotation. To break the limitation of campus, more and more people participate in 1:30 yesterday afternoon, the reporters came to the city university students on the square, found the square is full of students, just look like a year within the university campus, the new party, everyone is looking forward to an early start. In the painted area on both sides of the stage, the students have to get together wait over there, although there is still some distance more than an hour, but we are not idle, not holding the paint to students to wipe his face, is the white sign, everyone dressed exceptionally bright, self timer, photo, chase, everybody each other all the time. In the crowd, in addition to the energetic college students, also are family members of people come to participate. In the crowd, the reporter found is to help children graffiti citizen Ms. Chua, she is a doctor of Wenzhou Kean University, know this after the event, she put the message into his WeChat circle of friends, and soon got everyone’s good point, not only to ask the event, more people find her to sign up. In addition, there are three primary school teachers to do parent-child activities from Cangnan, there is a pair of brothers from the Yongjia bridge three hours on the bus to run to lose weight, there are a couple drove over from Dongtou, there are several strollers, holding a small friend over young parents. In addition, the scene is also the scene of many foreign students, many students with different skin color and local students to exchange photos. My classmates said, at this time the students square is more like the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games on the playground, everyone is looking forward to the moment of activities kicked off. Bilingual presenters on stage also felt the warm mood people, constantly to mobilize the enthusiasm of the people by shouting and singing from the original run in more than and 10 minutes, activities will be held, the athletes wearing colored bracelet is divided into five square arranged in order to turn out. Five kilometers away, everyone laughed and ran when the square after the start, the reporter also follow the team ran out, exports in the square of the first colored students before the volunteers have been prepared to meet the challenge, everyone is holding the powder barrels, as long as there are athletes after that?相关的主题文章: