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Customer Service If you are a person who is involved in the information technology (IT) industry, then you most probably have already heard about Interop . Yes, Interop is already happening as we speak in its Las Vegas leg and it sure has been attracting quite a huge number of attendees. That is not quite surprising as this annual event is something that the IT industry is quite so proud of. For those who have no idea what Interop is, it is actually a trade fair that is done annually. It has been put together by UBM plc, a company that is also dabbling in the field of IT. UBM also gets help from professional companies to help them out put everything together. Pyramid , a logistics company, is one of the companies tapped to do studio transportation Interop and trade show transportation Interop requires. Pyramid has been a constant staple in most huge events. The trade show transportation Interop and studio transportation Interop needed was done and accomplished well. Interop is known as a trade fair that is being done in five locations each year – Mumbai, Delhi, London , Tokyo, and Las Vegas. For the Las Vegas leg, the event started on the 27th and will be ending on the 1st of May. That is quite a huge amount of time to learn more about the industry and any advances that are taking place. For those who have already been to previous Interops, they are more than happy to share that the event has really been promoting openness to everybody as well as interoperability. For this years Las Vegas leg, the conferences and seminars and talks have been divided into ten major categories. The list is made up of applications, cloud connect, collaboration, infosec & risk management, infrastructure, leadership, mobility, software-defined networking, storage, and virtualization. That sure is a huge amount of wonderful topics that are going to be discussed at the event. There are also special events happening aside from the usual discussions and exhibits. There will also be some special times that you may want to look forward to. There is a welcome reception that should allow you to grab some drinks and snacks. You can find your way to the Interop Theater as there are tech sessions there from vendors to show off their latest updates and inventions and the sessions are free for anybody who is interested. Awards will also be given out to those who deserve such. On the other hand, if you feel like trying out the new software that may have been showed off, you can also do that at the SDN Lab that would also be open to anybody who may want to try things out first-hand. Those who would be attending this grand IT event surely would not be going home empty-handed. They would have the best experience with them as well as meaningful knowledge that they can use in the IT world that they may be dipping into. It surely is helpful to be part of this. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: