Interpretation lottery color city new holiday economy rise space where Sohu

Interpretation: " color city new lottery " holiday economy; increase in space where the Sohu is approaching eleven, " " again become the focus of the holiday economy. In 13th Five-Year, " " " during the first National Day holiday lottery; " holiday economy; and what phenomenon worthy of attention and consideration? Affected by the holiday effect, lottery sales will not appear negative growth? From previous years, the golden week is not only tourism, shopping market boom, but also the downturn in lottery sales. In 2015, for example, during the national day national lottery sales fell by more than 10%. This year’s holiday is approaching, buy lottery tickets " people in the journey " how to do lottery tickets? Internet era, " lottery holiday economy " whether there is a rise in space, where the space? In the era of intelligent bombing, how many people on the phone to install the lottery class APP? Laughton week car over, how many people constantly pull mobile phone display, and in the meantime lottery APP how many times were open? Using the APP platform, the lottery agencies and units can provide a number of useful, effective and interesting instant services for both the dominant and the recessive lottery customers In order to solve our holiday lottery predicament, the media have made during — this holiday traffic, sightseeing, accommodation, meals are pure consumption expenditure, will not bring economic returns, and meet the needs of the lottery in the entertainment at the same time it also contains a winning opportunity, this is the characteristic, other consumer do not have so " lottery " huge market potential in the holiday period;. However, " potential " just look forward to is not enough, must also be put into action. In Europe and the United States and Japan and other lottery developed areas, affected by the lottery environment and marketing policies, the holiday season is often the performance of the lottery industry " lively " rather than " downturn ". In contrast, in China, there is still much room for the open system and mechanism of the open lottery holiday marketing, which has more social effects. According to reports, during the eleven holiday this year is expected to receive a tourist market of 589 million passengers, tourism revenue of $478 billion 100 million, an increase of more than double over 12%. In the face of the huge holiday market, lottery industry, if we can get more money through the provision of quality marketing services, lottery industry and brand can not only get the harvest, lottery public welfare and its influence will also benefit.相关的主题文章: