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Irving: pay to capture competition battlefield monster win Wenjie trading contest: national investment adviser at King catch shares of sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide a good market competition, you make a fortune with Irving king! In October, ending the war, the formation of a strong contrast with the trend of the market slump, Irving player Fu Wenjie once again capture the monster limit (PEEK), the top income collar. Don’t know if you remember to pay the money friends Wenjie last week and desperately Niang Yu Mei for the slide runner up battle. Fu Wenjie was a leading trading stocks slide Yu Mei, Mei made a follow-up with comprehensive management of the trading stocks: Hongsheng shares in October 26th -10 month 28 days from October 26th [pay Wenjie monster broke into the top three articles trading] October 26th Hongsheng stock trading, Fu Wenjie in October 27th near the close before the start of batches to sell the stock. Eventually the stock return of 17.83%! Hongsheng shares in October 28th and entered a period of adjustment, Fu Wenjie is seen in the stock is likely to enter the adjustment, so it began cautiously to lighten up in batches at 27 pm? Watch the friends of the money can be paid in the contest, we say, how to grasp the point of sale! Fu Wenjie on the afternoon of 27 batches Jiancang Hongsheng shares   reminder: "7 days subscription plan at" after the success of real-time transaction users through the computer terminal client end WeChat three channels for financial planner reminder. The first channel: login Sina Financial Planner website second channels: download the Sina Financial Planner app third channels: "Sina Financial Planner" WeChat public scan code and mobile phone number to bind Ps: Please note that your login financial planner and micro-blog, micro-blog plans to contest your subscription number is the same, you can receive the trading reminder. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: