Invited to join Fan Bingbing London fashion show to crossover

Invited to join Fan Bingbing London fashion show to cross-border design Tencent entertainment news London time 19 days, to Chinese as a representative of the fashion industry, was invited to attend the London Fashion Week, and British diving golden boy Tom Daley, Han Han Zhang Haochen and British writer’s meat Fashion Association President and many other British fashion celebrities invited to jointly watch the investment by Fan Bingbing brand #BBF new series accessories wonderful show, and attended the "China night after the show". In an interview to say again in the international fashion week will display a new Chinese fashion elements, and look forward to cross-border fashion brand design. As early as June of this year, known as the most perfect body in Asia, Gu Gang had a dark red bright texture sleeveless leather jacket debut Paris fashion week, will be vibrant and healthy image of the brand in the fashion industry. The two degrees at the fashion week, to choose a simple steady suit style, wearing a simple black T-shirt, dark red striped suit coat collocation printing, a silver cross necklace embellished. The low-key calm collocation set off its features more tough and handsome, not only extraordinary clothing products, more low-key interpretation of a strong body, full of temptation to videotape. One appeared has become the most dazzling fashion show on the collocation of scenery, won the unanimous praise of the guests and the media.相关的主题文章: