IPO very few companies enjoy the relief package incubus

IPO: very few companies enjoy the poverty alleviation package of sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money to be listed companies to abandon the "immigrants" poverty county plans to securities reporter Jiang Fenfen the day before, the Commission issued "on the capital markets play a role in national poverty alleviation strategy advice service" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"). In order to support the development of poor areas of the industry, the Commission on the poor areas of the initial public offering of shares, three new board listing, issuing bonds, mergers and acquisitions, etc.. Securities reporter found that after experiencing the opinions issued at the beginning of restlessness, the current capital market parties tend to calm. Moving stocks soaring to the region to seek the Easy Access policy, the market is called "poverty alleviation IPO". "Opinions" requirements, the poor areas of the enterprise IPO "that is, the trial, the trial that is issued"; poor areas listed three new board, "special docking, special audit", that is, that the trial, the trial that hang". "Opinions" mentioned in the poverty-stricken areas, refers to the national key counties for poverty alleviation and development lgpr determine and focus on contiguous areas with special difficulties county. Poverty Alleviation Office of the State Council announced the list of poor counties show that the country has a total of 592 poverty-stricken counties, distributed in 21 provinces, including the central provinces of the county, the western provinces of 375 counties. "Securities" reporter found that the views of the introduction of time is not long, some local governments have become a "vanguard"". It is understood that the Henan province for the impoverished county listed companies dragnet investigation work will begin, precise guidance. Henan province will further enhance the county’s listed companies to reward and support efforts to encourage poor county government to provide financial support or incentives for listed companies within the jurisdiction. In line with the conditions of the green channel of the enterprise, the Henan provincial government finance office will accelerate the pace of counseling with the Henan securities regulatory bureau, the agency provides a full range of intermediary services to help enterprises to speed up the application materials submitted. In addition, the "Securities Times" reported that in September 27th, Sichuan listed company mergers and acquisitions seminar held, the regulators said, will soon have a professional service team to the frontlines, the exchange will strengthen the enterprise training to help impoverished county area, local training of financial personnel, the future can be in Shanghai free and free choice stock code, free listing ceremony held. It is reported that the state of Sichuan, Liangshan, has announced that the company intends to move out of the state to 11 poor counties in Liangshan registered, the local will give a one-time subsidy of $1 million. Wind data show, according to the list of poor counties issued under the Commission statistics, as of September 22, 2016, A shares from poverty area total of 194 listed companies, including 17 companies and 177 motherboard (including for listing and listing termination) three new board company. It is because of the new board are in poverty alleviation deal released within two days, including Lvjian Shennong, Hongyuan pharmaceutical, agriculture and animal husbandry, root force people, three new board company rose more than 50%, Hengyuan food is more than 80%. "Immigration" arbitrage is not big相关的主题文章: