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Jane Zhang Feng Ke did not respond positively to tears several times to appease disputes hot youth literature Sina entertainment news this morning, Jane Zhang [micro-blog] mother published an open letter directed at her daughter fiance Feng Ke rely on the transfer of property, not worth the daughter. Subsequently, Feng Ke responded by micro-blog, said the property for the two common. In the afternoon, Jane Zhang and in Chengdu fit debut, become the focus. In the activity, Jane Zhang and even entire choked tears several times, Feng Ke rushed quickly to appease the fans have gentle, screaming as the goddess cheer, but two people on the network did not respond positively to the dispute. In the speech, Jane Zhang said the mood is not very good, but also said that the future can be good with everyone". Jane Zhang Feng Ke appeared in public the woman several times choking tears yesterday, Jane Zhang and Feng Ke announced in the 13 years the wedding will be held in Italy in November, however, the outside world has not had time to send a blessing, the couple was mired in controversy. Today morning, Jane Zhang mother published an open letter accusing her daughter will be regarded as a money making machine, but it is not worthy of her daughter entrusted to life for the whole of the year, Feng Ke. Subsequently, Feng Ke responded in micro-blog, denied the transfer of property, but by the two people all together, but also on the "three small" rumors again respond to Jane Zhang. Originally scheduled for 2 p.m. today at the Jane Zhang and her friends sing the Pacific concert "press conference is not only a change of venue, has been delayed until half past two began. And this is the first public appearance after Jane Zhang and Feng Ke. Activities, Feng Ke took the lead on the stage. In a speech he just introduced Chengdu well-known musicians and do the concert of the mind, the name of Jane Zhang is introduced in the project, but on the network did not mention the dispute. From Feng Ke’s calm attitude and performance, it does not seem to be affected by trivia. Broadcast two VCR later, Jane Zhang finally appeared leisurely. Dressed in a dark short dress she appeared on the stage immediately after the liberal and dignified, but a turn, just low voice say "hello", and turned back to the audience, tears, Feng Ke rushed quickly came to comfort the woman, gentle whisper, fans in the audience shouted "Liangying cry", "Qi", "come on". A brief calm mood, Jane Zhang in his speech later obviously low down, still adhere to the details of the relevant information of the concert, but also bluntly today, the mood is not good. Asked the relative fans what to say when Jane Zhang, after a moment of silence launching feeling, "I love my life, because it is very rich, everyone said I wish I happy, you want to pursue. But my pursuit is not the same, I feel good, I have to face, embrace, no matter what kind of experience, have enriched my life, I will put more feelings into the music, this is my blessing. All the things I have in my life may not have started well, but in the end, I still feel happy." Jane Zhang has repeatedly stressed that music is her pursuit of dreams, "I have no other thoughts in mind, just want to close to it, to achieve the dream.相关的主题文章: