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Jane Zhang’s mother: Feng Ke concert. I almost rushed the stage – the Sohu news 14 pm yesterday, in the "Jane Zhang and friends" concert conference, Feng Ke comfort cry after Jane Zhang left yesterday afternoon, in the "Jane Zhang and friends" concert conference, Jane Zhang cried out "everyone often say, I hope I can have a happy, I hope I have a happy time, I hope everyone around me is the pursuit of health, I want to. I do not pursue the same, I feel good, not good, I have to face, hugs, no matter what kind of experience, to enrich my life, then put more feelings sing into my music, this is my blessing……" On stage Jane Zhang sob to say these words, although the makeup, eyes were red with tears. The media exposed Jane Zhang and Feng Ke in November this year, held a wedding in Italy after the news yesterday, the "All Star" published a letter on the "mother Jane Zhang Zhang Guiying issued an open letter" questioned Feng Ke, opposed the marriage. For a time, triggering hot network. Subsequently, Zhang Guiying in an exclusive interview with the Chengdu Business Daily reporter, admitted that this letter was written by her. I am not happy, I know that Liangying will not be happy, but no way, must say." Yesterday, Jane Zhang and Feng Ke have to respond to the matter in the conference and micro-blog. Jane Zhang said he and Feng Ke, there is no principled question, my family, I will deal with and communicate, do not bother everyone". Then, Feng Ke immediately declared that he was willing to transfer all the property to the name of Jane Zhang, in order to resolve this family dispute. Zhang Guiying questioned VS Feng Ke’s answer about marriage Zhang Guiying: when you see Liangying and Feng Ke will be held in Italy next month, the news of the wedding, Liangying as a mother I know, is also reported by the media, family friends and relatives came to congratulate the telephone, I also don’t know what happened! Feng Ke: with her mother on the wedding and the time to hold the communication has always been there, but we really did not timely delivery of the formal invitation. Has also been in communication with his mother about the marriage matters, Liangying hopes to use time, in good faith, with patience to get the blessing of her mother. About the little three things Zhang Guiying: at that time, Feng said that he and his wife have been divorced for three years, and then said: Liangying. I don’t believe his words, because Feng Ke gives people the impression that there is a model, I think he can not divorce…… Feng Ke: my ex-wife and I separated in 2002, after a divorce agreement, each of their own lives, and in 2005 formally for divorce procedures. I met Liangying in 2003, beginning just out to appreciate her, thought will only become friends, and self separation began, I said I have been divorced for all friends, so start with Liangying said so. Zhang Guiying: of course I don’t want her to be cheated, for what Feng Ke said I have been half believe and half doubt later confirmed that this is all that lies. Feng Ke: when we’re together, about a rhyme相关的主题文章: