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The U.S. military exercises will join the new security law "in Islands also won the" original title: U.S. military first with new security law amendment to Andouble further? Data figure: Japan US military exercises in new network on 7 November, (Wu Qian) 7 days this month, as part of the ongoing "sword" exercises, Japan will implement joint exercises to reflect the new security law for the first time. Despite the danger on the battlefield of Japan’s self defense forces casualties widely criticized, but it has been committed to promoting the law and the amendment of the peace constitution of the Andouble administration, the training will likely play a "fire" role. New: "sword" refers to the world with sea map information: the U.S. military called Japan "sword" exercises since 1986, held every two years, is one of the largest military exercises between the two countries. This year in October 30th the official debut, about 11 thousand troops and 26 thousand Japanese troops, 260 aircraft and 20 ships in the surrounding Okinawa, Guam, Japan, Tinian and the Northern Mariana Islands waters, amphibious landing and missile defence exercises. Earlier, Japan’s defense ministry has repeatedly stressed that despite the exercise is a "routine nature", but it includes "Islands also wins" and other sensitive content has been repeatedly questioned. In the context of the new security law, the exercise will be the first to reflect the new emergency concept, designed to strengthen the Japanese self defense force for the U.S. military to provide rear support capabilities. According to the Japanese Ministry of defense after the public agenda, November 7th, Japan will simulate the Japanese air self defense force helicopter rescue in distress at sea, the U.S. aircraft crew, 9, will assume that the Japanese air self defense force and military machine in the sea and found a large number of wounded, and dispatched water rescue aircraft joint rescue. In addition, the two countries will continue to be held in Islands and other practical exercises. Not only that, the Japanese self defense force also plans to provide ammunition to simulate friendly cheer for combat ready friendly aircraft, is to further implement the hypothetical exercise of collective self-defense training". To this end, in addition to the US-ROK joint military exercises with the allies, the Japanese air self defense force also recently with the British air force for the first time in Japan held a joint military drill, its remarkable significance. Data figure: Abe Shinzo and Prime Minister Abe Shinzo had also stressed that Japan’s self defense team parade, according to security method can give the SDF new task; on the same day, Japan’s defense minister Inada Tomomi in the GSDF Iwate cantonment land will be sent to the South Sultan SDF forces training new task security law said, in the rush to the rescue the guard "and a series of cases, the SDF to have" very good action". Japan’s Kyodo news agency said this analysis, a new method of security forces between Japan and the United States already officially launched based on the use of this, for the SDF rear support to expand the scope of the global foundation; Jiji news agency believes that the Japanese government will continue or by the Japan US alliance system and "overlay network security cooperation worldwide, will be converted to the new legal system the new practice, further promoting the construction of" security policy". Insurance: anger hard way is long but, according to the new movement in the near future in the field of security of the Andouble government, many Japanese people still Peng相关的主题文章: