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Japanese man long time licking foot young women arrested the original title: Japan’s 56 year old "licking" male young women suspected of licking foot was arrested in November 9, according to Japanese media reports, due to long time licking young women’s foot, Japan Kyoto police in 7, on suspicion of compulsory indecency on the grounds that the arrest of living in Beijing Fushimi District male staff (56 years old). According to the news released by the police, the man claimed that there is no such memory, denied the suspect. According to the police office said the men arrested in July 23rd 12 a.m., in Fushimi to "brake garage parking lot within the area of a more than and 20 year old woman passing by, and help, let her in the driver’s seat, and the other foot off the heels, sandals, licking teeth touch the foot for about 30 minutes. After that, the man said "thank you" to the woman and let her go. It is reported that women on the government and police said "the ankle is pressed, sandals are off, bare feet did not run away". The woman went to see the Department for consultation and submitted the victim’s declaration. It is reported that, because women remember the license plate number, so men were arrested. The government and police said that after 2012, has received another 5 encounter notification is also killed, in Fushimi district as the center, the victims were in the middle of the night or early morning alone before and after the age of 20 women. The police office as "men licking men" (Japanese: foot – as male) name, launched an investigation. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: