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Japanese researchers have found that it’s risky to avoid brain bleeding without breakfast: is it risky not to eat breakfast? The world’s first study found: susceptibility to cerebral hemorrhage in February 10, according to foreign media reports, Japanese researchers found that, compared with every day to eat breakfast, eat breakfast almost no risk of bleeding of the brain to high 36%. The research team at Osaka University in Japan and Japan’s National Cancer Research Center after a large-scale follow-up survey pointed out that, due to not eat breakfast, fasting stress will lead to increased blood pressure, thereby increasing the risk of brain hemorrhage. 1985 and 2010, the research team led by Professor Iso Hiroyasu of the University of Osaka of Japan 8 County of about 8.3 million 45 to 74 year old residents were tracked for about 13 years. During this period, 1051 people suffered from cerebral hemorrhage, 3772 suffered from stroke, and 870 suffered from myocardial infarction and other congestive heart disease. The research team after analysis found that when the investigation began to answer a week to eat breakfast and less than two times a day to eat breakfast are compared with people who develop probability of cerebral hemorrhage is 36% higher, and the breakfast the less risk is higher. The team believes that the most important risk factor for cerebral hemorrhage is hypertension, especially the morning blood pressure rise is thought to play an important role. If you do not eat breakfast, fasting stress reaction will cause blood pressure rise, therefore, people who do not eat breakfast risk of cerebral hemorrhage increased. Previously, researchers have known, do not eat breakfast, will increase the risk of obesity, hypertension and diabetes, but that will increase the risk of cerebral hemorrhage or for the first time in the world. Editor in chief: Zhao Jiaming SN146

日本研究人员发现不吃早饭易患脑出血   原标题:不吃早饭有风险?世界首次研究发现:易患脑出血   中新网2月10日电 据外媒报道,日本研究人员发现,与每天都吃早饭的人相比,几乎不吃早饭的人脑出血的风险要高36%。   日本大阪大学和日本国立癌症研究中心的研究小组经过大规模跟踪调查后指出,由于不吃早饭,空腹的应激反应会导致血压上升,从而提高了脑出血的风险。   1985年至2010年,大阪大学教授矶博康率领的研究小组对日本全国8个县的约8.3万名45岁至74岁的居民分别进行了约13年的跟踪调查。   其间,有1051人出现脑出血,3772人患上脑卒中,870人患上心肌梗塞等虚血性心脏病。   研究小组经过分析发现,开始调查时回答每周吃早饭少于两次的人与每天都吃早饭的人相比,发展成脑出血的概率要高36%,而且吃早饭次数越少危险性越高。   研究小组认为,脑出血最重要的风险因子是高血压,特别是早晨的血压上升被认为发挥了重要作用。   如果不吃早饭,空腹导致的应激反应会使血压上升,为此,不吃早饭的人患脑出血的风险就提高了。   此前,研究人员已知,不吃早饭,会提高肥胖、高血压和糖尿病等的风险,不过确认会提高脑出血的风险还是世界首次。 责任编辑:赵家明 SN146相关的主题文章: