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Japan’s top universities into China college entrance examination defeat students "Resurrection" according to the "Japanese economic news" reported on September 20th, in recent years, University of Tokyo, Waseda University and other Japanese university students Chinese influx. For the internationalization of Nihon University, although welcome, but the heart is not entirely happy. Reported that many Japanese university ranking is not high in the world, and this kind of university is a student in the college entrance examination defeat China terror "resurrection". University of Tokyo school gate, if in the country (such as no flow) of the University, I am afraid that the future is no way, in April this year to enter the Anthropology of Waseda University, said Yuan Yiwen. At the age of 22, she was very quiet, smiling her story to reporters. The interview was arranged at a university preparatory school in Tokyo last year. Unlike in the country when the lonely mood, now she is full of confidence in the face of a reporter. Yuan Yiwen comes from Liaoning Province, China, Japan in July 2014. "Originally in the domestic university is very general, even if the graduate can not find work no grasp", she said in a self deprecating tone. 3 years of high school, she is very hard, often in the school from the morning to learn at about 9 in the evening to go home, but also learn to sleep at night until about 12 points before going to sleep at night. She had always had a sense of fear that it would be hard to find a job if she didn’t get into a prestigious university. "That kind of invisible pressure has been lurking inside," Yuan Yiwen said. But the results of the college entrance examination is not ideal. "This is the end of my life," she thought. Their scores from the ideal university gap is too big, no way, she can only accept the results of admission, into a very general school. But the university is not love to learn the students, mostly in the mixed days, in such an environment, I will be wasted after". At that time, she began to have heard of the students. "Once again, into a good university in Japan, then there will be a big company, access to happiness," so Yuan Yiwen decided to come to Japan to open a new life. In today’s China, the failure of the college entrance examination students are accelerating the trend of "taking off China", and one of the destinations is japan. University of Tokyo School of Chinese people to start the preparation of specialized schools to recruit Chinese students 5 University of Tokyo, Kyoto University,, Waseda University, 60…… Knowing from the JR new Ohkubo subway station, 5 minutes walk, the existing 1200 students. Reporters entered the first floor of the door to see the school entrance examination enrollment record of a large sticker. Here is a special enrollment of Chinese students in the school, the students are in Japan’s university or graduate school for the purpose of admission, completely in Chinese classes. The school opened in 2008 has so many students into the first-class universities in Japan, so there is considerable reputation among Chinese students. The students here are mostly in Tokyo, Kanagawa County, Chiba County in the Japanese language school students, they learn Japanese morning in their own school, the new examination method of knowledge learning, Ohkubo university entrance exam came after school, before school until 9 p.m.. Weekend is also a normal class. After a year to a year and a half like to learn ascetic, he omitted相关的主题文章: