Jay Chou, Lee Hom, and David Tao to Khalil Fong… Singer crossover can play a professional-misao

Jay Chou, Lee Hom, and David Tao to Khalil Fong… The singer cross can also play professional Jay Chou directorial debut "secret" success (map) JINGWAH times does not make a movie music is not a good boss, singer songwriter Khalil Fong’s debut transition into the party boss. Khalil Fong investment in recent years, Fu Music Fu film and television companies. It is reported that he has hit his first 11 years of savings, about RMB eight yuan. He said with a smile to see the decline, deposit digital line: "I’m trying not to ruin!" Khalil Fong revealed that the music, film and television work has a 10 year plan". Khalil Fong also spans the film industry, he has completed a screenplay, toward the second forward, and he will serve as a film producer and producer, most want to the future of martial arts film. For rumored girlfriend Fiona Sit is performing, he mysteriously said, the future has the opportunity oh……" The year of Chinese music "R& B Jay Chou, David Tao, King Lee Hom and Khalil Fong, the film director turned all cross-border. New territories with enthusiasm, creative fun music, with more habitat for music, more and more people are accustomed to this kind of music and diverse interest integration business model. After Zhang Yadong, Zhou Bichang now has a new title – the great photographer. Zhou Bichang will be held in the 20 Yue to the Museum of art in the tour theme photography exhibition, from 18 to. As a photographer Zhou Bichang, the Arctic, Iceland, Tibet, witnessed the reunion and adventure shooting in a helicopter, paragliding, cliffs and waterfalls, called a model of "life writing". Bibi also featuring photography and creative director, will build more than and 600 square meters of the museum into a multimedia art center, and will be the first exhibition of his Arctic video diary. There is a focus on Cross called a play called passion. If it can be fun to play in the end, it is a spirit of occupation. Some of these people braved the risk of loss, some top – "bad", but still a way to continue to adhere to in the end. In this case, Maggie Cheung is a special example. Maggie Cheung with the movie "clean" after Cannes film festival since the break. In the film the peak of her surprising choice to be a singer. You only hear the music festival winner sorry vocals, did not see her look into. Maggie Cheung grew up in England, grew up in England, punk, TripHop in childhood monasteries, there is a rock dream. In November 11th, Maggie Cheung will launch his musical career first official single "LookInMyEyes". From the movie "clean" guest singing since the film had spent twelve years preparing for music debut. The new album, she was involved in the lyrics, composing and arranging, and even wrote a clip of MV. No matter how to sing, play is also a commendable effort so. Finally, the Oriental TV announced that Faye Wong will join the Oriental TV cross year party, more likely to participate in next year’s Oriental TV variety show. According to reports, Faye Wong will give his first show of variety, variety show is the name of the name of the concert, Faye Wong, a magic music, people have a chance to see the high cold goddess of daily life.相关的主题文章: