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Arts-and-Entertainment Jimmy Buffett tickets have been on the market for decades, but this musical and cultural icon continues to drum up a huge amount of interest in all of his concerts. Buffett’s concerts are as much a cocktail party as they are musical performances, and Buffett’s style is a no-apologies look at the lighter side of life. He’s not only a musical and cultural figure, but also a shrewd businessman. A look at his life in general will help to explain how he arrived at such a satisfying place. Early Life James William Buffett was born on Christmas Day, 1946 in Pascagoula, Mississippi. He enjoyed what many would consider a normal childhood, and his upbringing along the Eastern shore of Mobile Bay set the tone for his music and his attitude. Buffett, unlike many other musical stars, did not throw himself into music early in life. He listened to all sorts of musical acts that included rock and roll, reggae and country, and his ultimate musical style is a melding of all of these genres. He began to gain an interest in music while he was attending college at Auburn University, when he started playing the guitar. He did not finish his degree there, as he transferred to the University of Southern Mississippi, and ultimately got his degree in history in 1969. Buffett’s first job after college was as a staff writer and correspondent for Billboard magazine, and he moved to Nashville to perform his job duties. Career Beginnings It was his time in Nashville that ultimately got him started in the music business. He began his recording career as a country artist, but his style was not a fit with the traditional elements of the genre. Although he released his first album, Down to Earth, in 1970, he had not made enough money to avoid having to perform live on street corners and in other public places in different cities around the Southern United States. Cities where he preferred to perform included Nashville, New Orleans and ultimately Key West, which would be.e his future home. Buffett released two more albums during this time, but did not achieve the breakthrough that would eliminate his need for street performances. Many would see this as a negative, but Buffett used this opportunity to hone his live performance skills, and these skills are what would ultimately lead to the constant level of demand for Jimmy Buffett tickets. Big Break These skills were put on a much larger display after Buffett finally did achieve his breakthrough in 1977, when he released Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes, which included a transcendent single, Margaritaville. This album, and this song, put Buffett on the map, and he’s been making use of his stardom ever since. Since his big release, Buffett has released more than 40 albums, many of which were live recordings, and all told he has sold millions of copies of his works around the world. This fame and fortune would allow Buffett to explore other business opportunities, and he has shown the same knack for business as he has for music. Buffett has written several books, and three of them topped the best sellers list. He has also opened a chain of restaurants and helped to produce movies. All of these ventures have led several sources to estimate that Buffett annually earns over $50 million per year in in.e, which is a long way from the days of performing in the streets of New Orleans for loose change. Jimmy Buffett tickets will not only take you on a mystical journey of relaxation and celebration, but also introduce you to a man who is a success in every way. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: