Jin Yuxi comments on Trump’s election debate there are still misunderstandings between China and the-ricky lee neely

Jin Yuxi Trump: there are still misunderstanding debate article / Kang Road from New York map between China and the United States (from left to right) China Institute Council member SophiaSheng, Disney parks and resorts chairman BobChapek, China designer Guo Pei and IMAX global CEO Gelfond and Jin Yuxi (right two), China News Agency President He Zhiming. In September 27, 2016, China News Agency (ChinaInstitute) "Qingyun Award (BlueCloudAward) awards ceremony held in New York city of Manhattan, in recognition of outstanding contribution to promoting the development of Chinese business, culture, education, art in the American Society Chinese people. This year’s winners are Disney parks and resorts chairman BobChapek, Chinese designer Guo Pei and IMAX global CEO Gelfond (RichardGelfond). On the day before the U.S. presidential election debate just the first field, China Institute Council member and co chair of the Jin Yuxi Awards (Yue-SaiKAN) said the Tencent financial awards in the scene, there are still misunderstanding between China and the United States, "to see Trump in the debate on how to say the China." In the first televised debate of the September 26, 2016 presidential election in the United States, Democratic candidate Hilary · Clinton and ·, and, who have repeatedly referred to the "China" in the past years". Among them, the Republican candidate Trump publicly said that other countries, including China, is the main reason for the loss of employment in the United States, these countries let the devaluation of the currency, especially china. We need to renegotiate the trade agreement." In a speech in New York in September, Mr Trump said that if elected, he would name China a "currency manipulator"". "Although 32 years have passed, there are still misunderstandings." In 1984, the United States is "New York Times" called "Chinese cosmetic Kingdom Queen" Jin Yuxi, who should be New York public broadcasting television hired as Chinese National Day 35 anniversary celebration of satellite TV show host, to introduce overseas China become the National Day celebrations in the first group of foreign media. Jin Yuxi, who is still shuttling between China and the United States, said that through multi-level exchanges between the people, will help to eliminate misunderstanding, and the Chinese and American culture and business in the past few decades to inspire each other, is a good trend. "For example, opened this year in Shanghai, Disney Park, gave China how to do business entertainment inspired in China roots in 15 years of IMAX and also the Chinese film industry to grow together." The face of Chinese enterprises competing to enter the United States to expand the new trend of commercial map, Jin Yuxi admitted that language and culture, is still the first hurdle for Chinese entrepreneurs to enter the mainstream u.s..相关的主题文章: