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Jingdong executives interpret earnings: Jingdong financial split no specific timetable to view the latest market Sina Technology News Beijing time on November 15th evening news, Jingdong Mall (Nasdaq:JD) announced today that as of fiscal year 2016 September 30th third quarter results. Jingdong reported a mall in the third quarter revenue of 60 billion 700 million yuan ($9 billion 100 million), an increase of 38%; net loss of 807 million 900 thousand yuan ($121 million 200 thousand), compared to a net loss of 534 million 900 thousand yuan. Non GAAP (Non-GAAP) net profit of 269 million yuan (about $40 million 300 thousand) in the third quarter of last year, non GAAP net profit of $23 million. After the earnings release, Jingdong Group Chairman and CEO Liu Qiangdong and CFO Huang Xuande attended the analyst conference call, the earnings were interpreted, and answered questions from analysts. The following is the main content of Q & a conference call with analysts link: Deutsche Bank analyst Alan Hellawell (Alan Hellawell): Jingdong is developing positive investment for the future, some investment is in order to further enhance the level of profitability, some investment is to raise the price of services to prepare, then in the fourth quarter and in 2017, the company which category profitability will be further improved? Huang Xuande: as we discussed earlier, we believe that the main driving force for future revenue growth from the company’s economies of scale. If you compare the Jingdong’s own business and the bottom line of the retailer’s gross margin, Jingdong proprietary business gross margin is very low, an average of 10 percentage points lower. This is partly because the size of all of our categories has not yet reached the first, but one day, we will achieve this goal. As we continue to work towards this goal, our economies of scale will continue to grow. We will invest a lot of resources in this area to enhance the profitability of the company, we are not in a hurry or do not intend to raise the price of products or services. We will be able to achieve this goal by adjusting marketing strategy or other operational level. Merrill Lynch analyst Liang Weiliang (Eddie Leung): my question about the profit trend. The third quarter of Jingdong’s marketing spending is under control, I would like to ask how much this trend is due to seasonal reasons, and how much is due to the promotion of the fourth quarter, as well as the investment in Jingdong supermarket. Huang Xuande: the cost of promotion does have seasonal reasons. Usually, the promotion expenses of the second quarter of each year and fourth quarter higher, mainly with the promotion, and promotion expenses of the first and third quarter is relatively low, but in the third quarter of this year, we shop No. 1 platform and Jingdong has made huge investment for FMCG, promotion expenses for the quarter always in the controllable range. As for the promotion of the cost of the flow, we have said before, mainly put on brand advertising, which is no doubt. Our current marketing investment is still very large, although Jingdong相关的主题文章: