JS100 BMW in 2015, bearing the expectations of people for half a century – Sohu eat and drink-aapt.exe

JS100 | 2015 BMW, carrying people half a century of hope – Sohu and we have different pursuit of life, compared to sit in the BMW car crying, I prefer to laugh in the rear of the bike. But the BMW car he replaced the BMW Gadis Wine? We are the choice of BMW cry, or would prefer to drink boiled water laugh? The wine for the 2015 BMW Gadis Wine (France 1855 three Chateau 2015 Palmer, Margaux Zhuang), France [WA] 95-97 score: 93 points [WS] [JS 99-100] type: red Wine capacity: 750ml: BMW manor winery serving temperature: 15-18 degrees region: France » Bordeaux » Medoc » Haut Medoc » Margot grape variety: 50% Cabernet Sauvignon; 44% Melo; 6% flavor and multi period before tax price: ¥ 1850 (this price is only wine sales price, excluding taxes, insurance and freight) of course I would choose white boiling water! If you don’t believe me, please read the text in 2015 BMW bought Gadis Wine, received a drunken speed to test me, I drink. Excellent quality of BMW winery, cannot do without enthusiasm and investment after the winery owner. BMW manor in 1814, British major general officer Charles · BMW (Charles Palmer) Mr. purchased Chateau and used his surname name for it. From 1853 to 1930 of the 3/4 century, Chateau for wealthy banker Pereire (Pereire) of all the two brothers, they enhance the BMW winery status, making it one of the most prestigious wineries. Since 1938, Muller Beth (Mahler-Besse) and Cecil (Sichel) of the two Bordeaux family has become the new owner of Chateau chateau, the continuation of the supremacy of the quality of the traditional. Today, the family will be delivered to the winery heir Thomas · Du feu (Thomas Duroux) mr.. After the more than and 30 year old agronomic engineers in many of the world’s top winery, and returned to Bordeaux with great enthusiasm, this piece of land of his birth. Under his leadership, the Chateau is experiencing a silent revolution: constantly improve their own quality, to meet market demand, pioneering innovation, but also do not forget to respect history. To challenge the three village of "God drops" village level is my Wine enlightenment books, wrote "the second apostles" is the 1999 BMW Gadis Wine. It was written in the past: delicate and elegant wine Chateau BMW has always been characterized, is a symbol of its identity. It is as precious as silk, supple, velvety, and leather. Bao!相关的主题文章: