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Just out of a day NA Beat Invitation fire cats live exclusively by the fire cat exclusive live NA Beat Invitation is about to start on November 11-14, 8 teams will compete for the title in Montreal, canada. [simplified format, eliminated will be more intense as the largest North American carriers] by Baer Telecom and Twitch NA Beat Invitation sponsored game has always been one of the top events of North america. But considering the recent CS:GO events are the NA Montreal station, teams are reduced to 8 branches, skip directly open the knockout stage group phase. Team: [CLG to regain the champion road difficult] NA the first champion CLG returned to the familiar stage, if you want to create brilliant, is likely to face difficulties, because of either EnVyUs, Liquid or G2, are not fuel-efficient lights. Not long ago, C9 as the top North American CS:GO team, has been a top by the same fire cat exclusive live ESL fourth season finals. This also greatly stimulated the other teams want to compete for the glory of the heart. One can imagine that the NABeat Invitation will be more exciting! The world’s top events, exclusive live fire cat locked fire cat live website, watch the game the first scene, more exciting events waiting for you to open. Learn more about the event information, please pay attention to the activities of the fire cat live platform! Fire cat live fire cat live Sina official website: micro-blog: huomaozhibo live fire cat official micro signal: huomaotv on fire: Fire cat cat live is a live game barrage was founded in 2014 by the domestic broadcast platform, professional investment institutions invested tens of millions of dollars, by the industry’s flagship management personnel and the operation of elite technical team to create, with the domestic and international major popular events, host and anchor exclusive broadcast rights, to build the world’s first brand of game live sincerity.相关的主题文章: